Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Alistair Darling = Arsehole

British Pravda

Campaigners want the poster put up in all pubs
An Edinburgh bar is being credited with inspiring an internet campaign aimed at barring Chancellor Alistair Darling from every pub in Britain.
Organisers were angered when the MP for Edinburgh South West increased duty on alcohol in his Budget.

And they have every right to be upset. The pub landlord is the most persecuted profession in Britain. If it isn't banning smoking, it's lobbing a shed load of taxation on drink. What right has government to steal so much, by overtaxing things people like to do.

Hitler had the same sort of approach. What with the mass slaughter of Iraqis that Labour have ordered, is there really that much difference to the Nazis? Well going on this reply, no not at all.

A spokesman for Mr Darling said: "The chancellor made it clear at the time of the budget that his priorities were alleviating child poverty and helping pensioners.

"It's a small price to pay for doing that."

These tossers have no shame. They will use any excuse to steal from the hardworking Brit. They don't even spend the money on poverty, they create it, hoping this will be more Labour voters. What they really spend it on is themselves, the EU and war.

He should be barred from every pub in the land!

Monday, 24 March 2008

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