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British Ron Paul supporter John Mappin takes the message to Iran!


Iranian TV Network invites John Mappin, Ron Paul supporter, media owner and songwriter, onto its international TV network to present the opportunity that the Ron Paul candidacy represents to the US and to play Inner Truth a newly released Song for Ron Paul from Camelot Castle

If that whole region starts to realise the true spirit of the American people, the fear whipped up by the neocons will soon end.

The Iranian people want the same things as the American people and indeed all people of the world. They want peace and freedom. They want to be left alone!

It is the warmongers and power seekers in government we have to keep in check.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

As promised, Ron Paul gets coverage on "The Agenda"

The Agenda

And there is a press release to go with this.

See John Mappin getting the pro Ron Paul message out there! Please write to the people at "The Agenda" to let them why you support Ron Paul.

Write to them at

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Another Brit says why Ron Paul is important to the UK

Another Brit for Ron Paul

He's catching on, I'm telling ya!

You won't see this on the MSM America

Yes there are people trying to fight back against tyranny in Europe.

We're as mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Is the BBC a biased state propaganda mouthpiece?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Where is the coverage of all the remarkable event happening in the USA? Where are they?

They will comment on all kinds of other crap and give the MSM backed candidates coverage from time to time, but Ron Paul gets nothing but ignored.

Why do we continue to fund this corrupt, statist biased rubbish? The BBC is not fit for purpose. Scrap it.

Ron Paul London Tea Party!

This was outside the London eye, after a few beers in All Bar One.

Great to see more and more people in England getting the freedom message.

This is only just the start!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Ron Paul as viewed by the financial sector

Currency Trading

Ron Paul (R)

Ron Paul’s monetary beliefs have been front and center in his presidential campaign. Dr. Paul has been a prolific economic writer and speaker, offering his opinion on currency, government spending, and the Federal Reserve to just about anyone who will listen. His monetary policy centers on smaller government and a return to commodity-backed currency.

Paul has heavily criticized excessive government spending while in Congress. He wants to make our federal government much smaller, reducing or even completely getting rid of entitlements, the IRS, and other expenditures. This includes defense spending as well. Rather, he’d require that every expense be completely paid for in the budget.

Another major criticism from Ron Paul is that of our paper money system. He argues that it supports spending much more than saving, as the Fed can print money out of thin air any time our government needs more funds. Instead of the current system, Paul favors a commodity-backed system that would hold real value behind our currency.

Like many other candidates, Ron Paul has quite a bit to say about health care as well. As a former practicing OB-GYN, Dr. Paul believes we should have a health care system that cuts out the middle man, which he calls “free market medicine.” With his system, health care would largely be paid for on an as-needed basis, cutting both costs and bureaucracy.

Ron Paul, the only top tier candidate!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Merry Christmas Ron Paul Supporters Around The World!

2008 will be the year the world is put back on track! Merry Christmas to all people who believe in peace and freedom!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

More support for Ron Paul in England!

Here is a message from the people at this media group. I urge all Ron Paul supporters in Britain and beyond to visit them and help in their attempts to get Ron Paul major worldwide coverage.

Dear Friends of Camelot,

While chatting on the phone late tonight, to one of the most influential opinion leaders in US politics and media. I rasied the subject of Dr. Ron Paul's campaign. She said "He may well be Americas "only hope"" (Emphasis her's)

We are trying to organise a televised and internet global telecast interview of Ron Paul from the Round Table at Camelot Castle?

The Round Table saw the earliest conceptual beginings of democracy come into being and we at Camelot Castle in England salute this extraordinary American and wish him God speed.
Google "Ron Paul" and find out for yourself about this man. What he has to say and what he has achieved so far is so refreshing and so important. This is not just about the US election but is about how we will all see our world in the comming years.
And please do write me and let me know what you think. And, if YOU think this this should be fowarded, do forward it on broadly.
Check out his interview in this weeks Rolling Stone.
and what he is creating here:
and here.
In Ron Pauls campaign we are witnessing something that is going well beyond politics.
All our love,

John, Irina and Ted