Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Another Brit for Ron Paul

He's catching on, I'm telling ya!

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Anonymous said...

1) It is possible, but it will be an incredibly difficult effort which will be opposed by the establishment at every step in the process; nevertheless, it is an effort which I am supporting. There will be a political "war" in the GOP to keep him from getting the nomination if his candidacy catches fire.

2) I believe he would have the best chance of any third party candidate since Abraham Lincoln won a four-way race with only 38% of the popular vote in 1860. Lincoln was the first Republican president. However, Ron Paul has correctly pointed out that the political deck in modern America has been stacked against 3rd party and independent candidates. It's a sad but ugly reality that until there is a second American revoltion, any candidate's best shot is going to come from working within the framework of our 2 political whores.

3) Yes! Ron Paul is an incredible breath of fresh air. Irrespective of the outcome of the election, I sincerely hope he fathers a lasting political movement rooted in the ideals of liberty, personal responsibility and limited government.

Many Thanks for your interest in what is taking place in my beloved country.