Monday, 17 December 2007

Ron Paul as viewed by the financial sector

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Ron Paul (R)

Ron Paul’s monetary beliefs have been front and center in his presidential campaign. Dr. Paul has been a prolific economic writer and speaker, offering his opinion on currency, government spending, and the Federal Reserve to just about anyone who will listen. His monetary policy centers on smaller government and a return to commodity-backed currency.

Paul has heavily criticized excessive government spending while in Congress. He wants to make our federal government much smaller, reducing or even completely getting rid of entitlements, the IRS, and other expenditures. This includes defense spending as well. Rather, he’d require that every expense be completely paid for in the budget.

Another major criticism from Ron Paul is that of our paper money system. He argues that it supports spending much more than saving, as the Fed can print money out of thin air any time our government needs more funds. Instead of the current system, Paul favors a commodity-backed system that would hold real value behind our currency.

Like many other candidates, Ron Paul has quite a bit to say about health care as well. As a former practicing OB-GYN, Dr. Paul believes we should have a health care system that cuts out the middle man, which he calls “free market medicine.” With his system, health care would largely be paid for on an as-needed basis, cutting both costs and bureaucracy.

Ron Paul, the only top tier candidate!

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