Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ron Paul London Tea Party!

This was outside the London eye, after a few beers in All Bar One.

Great to see more and more people in England getting the freedom message.

This is only just the start!


Jacky said...

You want to hear something really interesting! On the day AFTER the Boston Tea Party - CNN had changed their website - there wasn't a direct link to "Politics" - and it was there a few days before. Also a Google of Ron Paul on the 17th under "news" only yielded stories from LA Times, Boston Globe (the tea party was there - so they had to put something) and a few unknown news outlets. Reuters didn't even get the numbers right. It's damn frustrating this news black out! GO RON!!

Anonymous said...

Look how much the Tea Party has grown since then.

Ron Paul 2012!