Saturday, 8 December 2007

More support for Ron Paul in England!

Here is a message from the people at this media group. I urge all Ron Paul supporters in Britain and beyond to visit them and help in their attempts to get Ron Paul major worldwide coverage.

Dear Friends of Camelot,

While chatting on the phone late tonight, to one of the most influential opinion leaders in US politics and media. I rasied the subject of Dr. Ron Paul's campaign. She said "He may well be Americas "only hope"" (Emphasis her's)

We are trying to organise a televised and internet global telecast interview of Ron Paul from the Round Table at Camelot Castle?

The Round Table saw the earliest conceptual beginings of democracy come into being and we at Camelot Castle in England salute this extraordinary American and wish him God speed.
Google "Ron Paul" and find out for yourself about this man. What he has to say and what he has achieved so far is so refreshing and so important. This is not just about the US election but is about how we will all see our world in the comming years.
And please do write me and let me know what you think. And, if YOU think this this should be fowarded, do forward it on broadly.
Check out his interview in this weeks Rolling Stone.
and what he is creating here:
and here.
In Ron Pauls campaign we are witnessing something that is going well beyond politics.
All our love,

John, Irina and Ted


Anonymous said...

"The Round Table saw the earliest conceptual beginings of democracy come into being..."

I am sure I must have misunderstood this. What I am reading is this:

A 5th or 6th Century AD Oligarchy of Nobles in Britan is the earliest conceptual "beginings" of democracy, not the 5th century BC Athenian style of government.

I have either misunderstood completely or you have no idea what you are talking about. "Democracy" is a Greek word, "Demos" - people, "Kratos" - rule.

What has this got to do with a King hobnobbing with other nobles?

Matt Davies said...

I think it is looking for symbolism more than anything.

It's not my words by the way, but John Mappin the media man's.

Oarwell said...

I think, lost in the mists of time, when Oog said to Ug, "you know, Ug, it would be fair if I hear your complaints about how we split this cave bear up; after all, Ug, we seem to share a common, if primitive humanity," THAT was the birth of democracy.

But let's not split hairs, or bears.

Ron Paul is Neo, the one who will wake us up. A huge "color" revolution, this time in Red, White, & Blue!

Carry on, lads.

JMalone-USA said...

I think it would be a wonderful idea for Ron Paul to have a World wide online interview. Excellent Idea!

Omnitheist said...

Come on guys, Ron Paul is kind of crazy. He has no concept of how the world works and thinks that all we need to do is build a wall around the United States and everyone will live happily ever after. Isolationism and non-intervention are failed policies and they always will be.
C.H. aka omnitheist

Géry said...

Europeans still can donate to RON PAUL before 4-12-07 !!! See the next Blog.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Europeans care this much about American politics.

^^^ Thats a good thing.

John Fyve said...


Matt Davies said...

You really have no idea what influence your country has on the rest of the world, do you!

Jacky said...

This comment is for John Fyve: there are 250,000 Americans living in the UK! If Brits are supporting him, more than likely lazy expats might get off their duff and vote! And just for the record - I'm not one of lazy Americans! I have already voted via absentee ballot in the Florida primary - FOR RON PAUL!

On another note - I'm hosting my first Ron Paul meet up tonight - we hope to brainstorm some ideas on how to get those Americans I speak of OFF THEIR DUFF and get them to register to vote!! Go RON!