Friday, 28 September 2007

Great song from Pet Shop Boys anti-ID card.

Known as Real ID in the USA, just plain old ID cards here, they have been a plan by our globalist masters for some time now. Billions of pounds to turn all our nations into open prisons, at a cost of billions to us.

Goodbye freedom, sorry to the future generations who suffer because of it.


Monday, 24 September 2007

Ron Paul supporters growing in strength and numbers

A message from all Ron Paul supporters to the NWO/CFR cabal.

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
We'll be watching you

A message to all Ron Paul supporters, worldwide.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

A message to the Clinton and Giuliani (NWO/CFR) supporters out there

How come you don't get this kind of support up and down the country? Where are you? Why aren't you standing up for your warmongering, anti-nation candidates?

Do you even really exist?

Ron Paul is the only game in town. Let's make sure the establishment don't get away with telling us it is any other way!

New World Order = One World Fascist Dictatorship

Let's get something straight. The reason people like Ron Paul and people like me don't want a "New World Order", is because it is IMPOSSIBLE, for a one world government to be anything but a fascist dictatorship. The power elite know this and they know that people would say no to it, if it was openly declared as such.

Even the smaller building blocks towards this NWO such as the European Union and North American Union, can not possibly be anything but a dictatorship. Democracy only works on a very small level. The founding fathers of the USA knew this, which is how the constitution came about.

Now maybe, just maybe if that same constitution was applied to the world, then it could work. That isn't what is on offer here though. Instead we have a clearly socialist plan to control and regulate every ones lives, right down the the most granular level.

Anything that has been build on deceit and lies, just as the NWO/EU/NAU/UN and all the other organisations that see to control our lives, will surely lead to the most corrupt government of all time. Will people learn from history? Will they look at how these fake empires (as the president of the EU likes to think of it as) have failed time and time again.

Let us stop the foolishness now. We the people do not want a power elite controlling our every move, keeping us in relative poverty while they live the life of Gods. They truly believe they are special and more deserving than the rest of us and are hell bent on making sure that happens.

Just look at what your political masters award themselves and ask the question, are your best interests their primary concern?

Of course they aren't. They have been corrupted by power and greed, just has always been the way. The only solution is to restrict size of government. Make sure it never has too much power and only does what it supposed to do. A network of smaller, free trading democracies around the world has much more chance of keeping a stable, free world, than some fake merged one world dictatorship. It's time we the people started to take our liberty BACK and end this game if deceit by the power elites now.

And if you still think this is a conspiracy theory, rather than a fact, then I have to ask what planet you are living on.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Ron Paul Rap II

Is it me, or is this about 1000% better than the crap we get fed by MTV etc?

What is the alternative to Ron Paul?

Everyone has their own personal bias in their view of the world. There are many factors that help form that bias, whether it be religion, upbringing, schooling, peers, wealth or whatever else influences our lives. For this reason, you simply will never get full agreement from everyone on every issue. Heck, I bet you would find it almost impossible to find any ONE person that believes in EVERYTHING that you do.

Now in life, there are areas where there are individual rights, but in some areas you do have to take the collective into account. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, individual rights should trump collective, if you truly believe in freedom. Freedom after all is surely something any one person should want for themselves and their children. So this is where the fundemental libertarian value of having the freedom to do what you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone else.

As I said before though, there are areas where this just isn't cut and dried. For example we all have to live on this planet, so we all have to come to some sort of agreement on things like the environment. That doesn't mean one powerful group bullies the rest of us into giving up more of our our money and freedom, for no provable benefit, but this is where TRUE democracy should come in, so that we have a fair collective decision.

Another area is abortion. Now there can't be anyone out there who likes the idea of abortion, but the fact is that there is disagreement over what "life" is. I am not interested in arguing about it, because there is no hard and set answer and you will just believe what you believe. Trying to force your belief on others is abhorant to me, but if there IS going to be a collective decesision, then this decesision needs to be done at a very local level. Pushing it any higher means you lose more and more of your voice. For example, the whole of one state may be against a war, but if a small majority of all the states vote for war, then you and thousands of others are forced into something they don't believe in. That is a recipe for disaster.

So you see, I might not belive in all of Ron Paul's beliefs, but that doesn't matter. If you get the core foundations of freedom, then what the man personaly believes in is unimportant. I respect all of Paul's beliefs, but as long as he sticks to the core value of liberty, he has my support.

Don't let a few personal differences put you off him. Afterall, if you analyse Rudillary McBamaromney; do you get any more agreement? I sure as hell don't, but worse than that, none of them truly believes in freedom. Thus the Americans only have one choice.

Freedom or Fascism. Ron Paul or Rudillary McBamaromney.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

World Supporters Of Ron Paul Unite!

We may not be able to donate direct to the Ron Paul campaign, but we sure as hell can help out his supporter base!

There is a campaign to get T.V. adverts for the Columbus group. They are doing quite well, but they don't have much time to get the full amount.

Join me in donating something, to get them to their target!

This Fred Thompson (CFR) video made me laugh!

Check this video out of Fred Thompson. Notice any signs in the background that go slightly off message?

The news channel did well to ignore them in full though, but even the most brainwashed of sheep must now be asking the question :-

If Ron Paul doesn't have that much support, how the hell do they do so much, in so many places?

The answer is simple really and it requires that you stop trusting MSM sources and recognise them as the control mechanisms that they are!

Some background to help understand Ron Paul's economic policies.

Funnily enough, this comes from a socialist source, but it is a good description of how the big bankers have way too much power over the world. Their solutions may be abhorant to us that believe in freedom, but never the less, they have a good video here.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Ron Paul Brought To You In Fox Vision

Ron Paul Killed The MSM Star

Now Ron Paul is shining the light of truth on the MSM, they will fall even faster than they have been. They are the past. They are finished.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

How free is America without Ron Paul?

Some nights, I like nothing more to kick back with a cold beer and play a bit of online poker. It's brilliant that I can go up against the world and add a little wager to make it more interesting.

I go on Party Poker and I see players from all over the world. Germany, France, South Africa, Romania, Holland and even Russia.

Canada is there of course, but wait a minute? Where are all the people from the supposedly most free country in the world?

Yep there is never anyone on from the USA. Now this is bizarre, as this is the country that gave us Las Vegas! Yet your government doesn't think you are capable of looking after yourselves on the web? Rubbish, big money interests want to keep the status quo the way it is. They don't like the idea of any new boys getting in on their action.

Thus on this one small issue, you have to realise how you are not free at all!

Doesn't that make you feel cheated? Do you like having your government regulating the internet, like in China?

Ron Paul, let's break it down to the fundementals here.

The bottom line is you either want someone who tells the truth, or you want a bunch of liars. That is your choice.

Do you want someone who will speak freely, uphold the constitution and trust the PEOPLE to make the right choices?

Or do you want to be told what to do, how to behave and have your money spent for you, by a bunch of liars, crooks and cheats.

Which is it to be?

I understand why the elite don't want their dominance questioned, but I can't understand why small men who think they are the elite, or armchair warriors still think backing liars is best.

The only exceptions I make for ALL the candidates are Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. While they still don't truly believe in freedom, they are at least honest about that. They believe in a collective, but are truthful that they don't really believe in indivual liberty, for the greater good.

I couldn't back them over Paul, but they are at least better than the career politicians being presented by the MSM.

Ron Paul is the only game in town if freedom is your number 1 priority. If freedom isn't your number 1 priority, then I will never understand you, because from freedom everything else that is good follows.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Coming to America!

I will be in Seattle from October 1st for my job. If there are any Ron Paul supporters who would like to meet a limey friend, I will be happy to try and meet you on an evening that week!

Let me know!

Want to help in the Ron Paul revolution in England?

I have just become an assistant organiser for the London Ron Paul meetup group. If you are serious about having freedom in our lifetime and our childrens lifetime, then please consider joining that group and helping.

We can have a lot of fun doing this too. Just look at how the Americans are having fun geting the message of liberty out there!

Also if you would like to help write articles for this blog, or create British Ron Paul videos, then please contact me.

You can get me at my hotmail account (just add mkpdavies to the usual address), or leave a comment here.

I will be attending the Oct 27 "give us an EU referendum rally", so if anyone wants to meet up there, I would be happy to see you.



Still think Ron Paul is wrong about North American Union?

Worldnet Daily

Think on

The first "North American Union" driver's license, complete with a hologram of the continent on the reverse, has been created in North Carolina.

"The North Carolina driver's license is 'North American Union' ready," charges William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration.

Gheen provided WND with a photo of an actual North Carolina license which clearly shows the hologram of the North American continent embedded on the reverse.

"The hologram looks exactly [like] the map of North America that is used as the background for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America logo on the SPP website," Gheen told WND. "I object to the loss of sovereignty that is proceeding under the agreements being made by these unelected government bureaucrats who think we should be North American instead of the United States of America.

Exactly the same as the European Union. They don't care about the people's opinion. You will have NAU whether you like it or not.


At Fox/Fix News 2+2=5

That's right. Fix flashed up a picture of Giuliani, just as Paul finished a question. So when they booed Giuliani, Fix managed to make it look like they were booing Paul.

In the old days they would have got away with that, but now the people can report WORLDWIDE!

How can anyone support this (MSM, FIX, neocons etc) lying scum. There is no excuse any more. By backing these destroyers of America, you are turning a blind eye to evil. You had better hope your God is a merciful one.

So. Where are the other candidates supporters?

How come the MSM keep saying Ron Paul only has a few spammers on the internet, yet the ONLY candidate with visible real world support is Ron Paul?

Even though Rudillary McBamaromney has loads of money to throw around, there is barely a whimper from them. You get a few supporters here and there in isolated pockets, but nothing compared to the visible Ron Paul revolution.

Is it that only Ron Paul supporters care enough to get out there? Is it that only Ron Paul supporters aren't ASHAMED of who they support? Or is it more like the emporer has no clothes and the other elite backed candidates really only have the elite and a few useful idiots backing them?

You decide, but I have a horrible image of Rudillay McBamaromney running around in the buff.

Americans aren't stupid, but the Neocons useful idiots are!

One of the things I hate here in Britain and even more so in mainland Europe, is there are a large portion of mainly leftists, who hate Americans and call them stupid.

They in turn show their own low intelligence levels, by assuming everyone in the states is a "neocon". The truth of the matter, is very few people are "neocons", but just like any other people on the planet, people like to be trusting and tend to believe what the media tells them. They read their "news"paper, or watch the "news" on T.V. and expect a "fair and balanced" amount of news. Neocons aren't stupid either. Devious yes, stupid no. They have an agenda and their techniques for carrying the public with them have worked.

Well, that was the case for a long time, but slowly there is a wind of change happening. Anyone watching the Fox "debate" the other day, must have been questioning this faith in the media. It was probably the crudest attempt to spin an event I have ever seen, and boy have I seen some crude attempts before.

Even though Paul was winning the text poll, with a 2-1 lead over his nearest rival, Fox threw every trick in the book to gloss over that. Hannity told blatant lies, saying it was Paul supporters "redialing". The system was set up to allow one vote per number, so that was a blatant lie.

They allowed amplified guffawing from Rudy McRomney, when Ron Paul was trying to make serious and obviously popular points. I don't see this being allowed the other way around. So blatant.

They even had some bizarre reactionometer, showing reaction from God knows who, while the commentator tried to paint the debate as some huge disaster for Paul, when anyone with an ounce of brain could see this was not true.

EVEN if you agreed with the war on the basis that you think all Muslims are evil, or the constitution is wrong, or any other reason, then that is fully your entitled opinion. However, you must be questioning why a candidate that supposedly has minimal support really, is getting such huge efforts to ridicule, squash and be silenced?

Are you confident your opinions have been formed by yourself given this clear example of bias now? All that propaganda over the years, must have had some effect right? I know I was brainwashed for years, when all of a sudden I started questioning what I was being told.

The European Union was the "event" that woke me up. For years I just accepted the media was telling me the news. This is far from the truth though, as I discovered by looking into the whole project of the EU and how the media establishment made sure the agenda to create a United States of Europe continued, with as little say from the people as possible. Some of it is subtle, but the more you have a questioning mind, the more you realise there is always an end objective.

Look at how we are ALL losing our freedoms and not actually feeling any safer at all. More tax, more terror, less liberty and a constant drive towards enslavement. At what point are the masses going to turn around and say,

"Hang on a minute, you have done everything you want, yet we are still going down the road to hell!"

Well, I have been accused of being anti-American before. Not because of any comments about Americans, but because I refused to support a war based on pure propaganda. A war that they tried to use the UN as a justification for, then changed the rules when the UN didn't actually do as they wanted. It was a scam from day one and Paul is right. The more you meddle in external affairs, the more you have to expect blow back.

The banner "Don't tread on me" says it best. One thing I would make clear though, is I WOULD enter into voluntary alliances. NATO, as an organisation that said if you "tread" on any one of us, then you have all of us to deal with was and is perfect. It has been abused to attack instead of defend and that needs changing, but if all free, democratic countries entered into this arrangement on the original basis, then that would be good in my mind.

NATO is pretty much useless when a small band of nutters, rather than a country attacks you though. That is when you need to have good relations with ALL countries, so that such nutters can be brought to justice. Even then you have to target them much more intelligently, as just randomly blowing the crap out of places with turn one terrorist, into a hundred each time you do it.

So while it is quite easy to scare a trusting nation into backing your plans, if those plans turn out to be based on lies and end up in a complete mess, why expect continued backing? The 2006 elections showed the American people are NOT stupid, but sadly for them, they are just realising now that puppet B, is no different to puppet A. The same people are behind them pulling the strings.

So in summary, the American people are not stupid as a whole. Indeed, it now looks to me that the American people are going to be the first ones to wake up and make the change the world needs. Deprogramming some of the hypnotised is still a major issue and then their are the real stupid that still can't cut their bonds from their masters. The people who are so hopelessly brainwashed, that they still worship the neocon whore whores, even after the obvious bias, disastrous consequences and continued loss of freedoms.

These people are the stupid ones, but they are dwindling by the day. Some will be beyond saving, but it won't matter in the end.

Ron Paul shows he has the eye of the tiger!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Ron Paul Romps To Another Fox Debate Victory

The MSM are getting hysterical in their defence of the neocon war whores now. Check the video out for a small example. Go an watch the whole debate, and carefuly listen to the questioning and the way they present the whole show.

Yet Ron Paul kicks the others arses.

Even if you are pro war, even you must be asking why they resort to such measures?

You have a clear choice for president. Ron Paul and truth or a bunch of lying whores.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Ron Paul takes gold again in Maryland

Ron Paul Daily

The straw poll numbers will be confirmed in a news release tomorrow, but here is the inside scoop from someone who helped count the ballots. There'll be a news release from the MD GOP tomorrow to make the numbers official.

Ron Paul 263 votes - 27.3%
Giuliani 220 votes -22.8%

Thompson 188 votes -19.5%
Mitt Romney - 89 (10%)
John McCain - 54 (6%)
Mike Huckabee - 35 (4%)
Tom Tancredo - 16 (2%)
Sam Brownback - 12 (1%)
Duncan Hunter - 3 (0%)
Write Ins:
New Gingrich - 17 (2%)
Bob Ehrilich - 3 (0%) (Ehrlich is former Republican Governor of MD)
Other - 11 (1%)
Spoiled ballots - 15 (2%) (e.g. voted for more than one candidate)
Total votes cast - 926

Not quite offical yet, but it looks like Ron Paul has chalked up another victory. That's in the Republican straw polls too, we all know he will get democrat, independent etc vote too in the big one.

I get the feeling the neocons will be cheering on Hillary Clinton.

Oh and BTW, a totals of all straw polls has seen Ron Pall win too.


More evidence of rigging against Ron Paul


The largest discrepency [sic] between our results and the official results was in Ron Paul’s totals. Our poll showed him coming in 2nd after Duncan Hunter with 90 (out of308)votes and 29.22% of the total; the “official” results showed him coming in 3rd with 217 (out of 1300) votes and 16.69%of the total.

As we hand-counted our results outside the main entrance of the Convention Center, (in full public view and being videotaped by Gregory), a delegate/voter approached our table and said he was puzzled that pencils were being provided for use in the voting room. He told us he reached for a pencil, then thought better of it since he realized his vote could easily be erased and changed, then got a pen to mark his ballot instead. He said that a selection of each was lined up on a table like so: “pen, pencil, pen, pencil, pen, pencil”. He commented that using erasable pencil for voting did not make sense to him. Another delegate/voter who came over to talk with us heard the first gentleman’s comment and, with a look of dismay, realized that she, too,had selected a pencil–and had used it. She said, “I can’t believe I was so stupid!”…In hindsight, it seemed peculiar to us that pencils were provided to voters at all since the Tarrant Party Republican Party Chair, Stephanie Klick, had told one of Ron Paul’s supporters that permanent ink pens would be used for marking the ballots

What we do know is that there were many vulnerabilities in the”chain of custody” of the official ballots from the point at which the election ended until votes were being counted; and that neither media, nor any citizen observors [sic] with videocameras (or otherwise) were allowed in the room where counting took place. Our videographers Terry Melton, Kathleen Winn, and Gregory Gory, as well as any other interested parties,had to satisfy themselves with quick glances through small windows in the doors of the counting room.

Everything about this poll stinks. Hanging chads may not have been involved, but some good old fashined rigging certainly looks to have taken place.

This could be a huge problem for the Ron Paul campaign. Somehow, we have to make sure these elections have a big light held up to them.

Establishment elite terrified of Ron Paul, official.


For Dr. Herndon, a candidate to watch is Ron Paul.

"Ron Paul is striking a phenomenal emotional chord with voters -- when they have access to his message. The mainstream political and media machines are terrified. And global financial controllers are in an outright panic. Every effort is being made -- and will be made -- to marginalize him.

"It will be fascinating to see how this plays out."

That's what we at Brits4RonPaul have been saying for a while. What can the pro one-world dictatorship, CFR supporting, anti-liberty candidates do, when they are up against a man who has a freedom message. Well there are only two things they and their media lackeys can do.

1) Ignore, supress and hope the people never get to hear the message. That's the strategy that works most of the time, but sadly for them, the internet has changed things a little. Now there is an ever growing, dedicated army of freedom fighters that will take the message to the streets. The mainstream media is no longer the only place the people get their information. What makes it worse, is the more people see, the more people realise what a controlled bunch of puppets the MSM are. This option is failing for them.

2) Attack, smear, malign, lie. This is the phase we are entering now. I have seen it before in the UK, when non establishment parties look like doing well. They are smeared with all kinds of dirt. Don't put it past the establishment to try and infiltrate the Ron Paul camapaign and CREATE some dirt if necessary. They will have to work fast, as the grassroots movement is growing all the time. Just remember if/when a Ron Paul supporter suddenly does something crazy, that it isn't Ron Paul himself. Don't let them play each of us off against each other. Stay focused on getting Ron Paul into power and don't worry about side issues created by the establishment.

Oh, but there is a 3rd.

3) The one I hope is not likely, but going on history I wouldn't bet on it. Ron Paul being taken out. I'm sure he won't bow to any threats, bribes or attempted character assasinations, but if someone in the establishment does choose to take the ultimate option, then we need to be ready. Time and time again througout history, threats have been neutralised via dubious methods. We have to be ready for if this happens. This is no longer just about Ron Paul, it is about freedom. Ron Paul provided the spark, by being the decent, principled man he is. I hope he will be able to complete the job. If not though, then us supporters can't just let it die there.

Batten down the hatches people, this could get ugly. Keep reporting the scandals on youtube, keep telling the truth and keep spreading the message of liberty. Sooner or later, the whole of the world will get it.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Awesome flyers.

I wish I was in the States now. I'd be printing these out and posting them to homes every day.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that gets liberty

This video gets it spot on.

Why should the government take your earnings?
Why should the government stop people smoking IN YOUR BAR?
Why should government tazer you, when you have not commited a crime?
Why should government be able to demand information, that is private to you?

We have fallen a long way and realy can't say we are free. It's worse in Britain, but the USA is going the same way, as per the new plan for the world that the elites have for us.

Don't let history repeat again. Fight tyranny. Fight for freedom. ACTIVELY support Ron Paul. Sitting back and hoping someone else will save you is no longer an option. This is our last chance.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ron Paul isn't isolationist!

I am now seeing some attacks appearing lately. Now that the establishment and their useful idiot neocon supporters are getting worried, they have left the ignore phase and are now well into the attack/ridicule phase.

So far the attacks are along the lines of Ron Paul is a nut. Well if loving freedom makes you a nut, then count me in too. Tomorrow's great oak is the nut that held its ground anyway!

Then we have the unfounded racism charges. I have seen this line used before, where the person is attacked based on what someone they spoke to once, said to them in a bar or something. It is weak to say the least, but it is standard leftist tactics. The Neocons are leftists in the true meaning. They like authoritarian measures, big government and utilise all the tools of the left.

The final attack and probably the one that is easiest to fall for, is the charge of being isolationist. Again, this is a charge I have seen many times before, but it is so easy to debunk to any rational, thinking person.

Paul is clearly not isolationist, because he is for friendship and free trade with the world. Why do people think Brits, Germans, French etc are supporting him too?
The reality of this attack is it is the same as a gang. Just as the Mafia etc would force people to stay in their gang with abuse and threats, this is the same.

Ron Paul isn't afraid of the bullying though. He will continue to support voluntary co-operation instead of coercive enslavement. The more people see through these attacks, the more they will support him.

More evidence of Texas GOP rigging against Ron Paul

They pulled out all the stops to prevent Ron Paul getting a good result, but they failed.

Just imagine the result after more months of building, where all Republicans can vote.

Then imagine how many he will get when all the Libertarians, Democrats and independents can vote in the big one.

Game on Ron Paul, this is becoming very exciting.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Ron Paul takes credible 3rd in rigged Texas poll

Hunter got 534 votes. Former Tennessee senator and actor Fred Thompson came in second with 266 votes, and Texas congressman Ron Paul came in third with 217 votes.

The way the poll was set up so that only neocons and establishment lackies could vote, this is an impressive result. Paul is consistantly getting a top tier position across the board, while people like Hunter, who sucks deep on his masters virtual phalus, only get this kind of result on their own patch.

Paul continues to make sound progress, which is why we will see the attacks that have started appearing of late increase. Expect him to be labled a baby eatinging Satanist within weeks.

Commeth the hour, commeth the man : Ron Paul

Great tune!

In the interest of being fair and balanced, just like Fox News

A video for the neocons and communists.

Remember kids Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace and Ignorance is strength. Don't forget to boo Ron Paul when you see him on youtube. We'll take care of making sure you don't see him in anything other than bad light on the MSM.

Ron Paul Supporters Owning Straw Poll AGAIN!

A good crowd of Texas Republicans is on hand this morning to hear speeches from Michael Steele, Senator John Cornyn and then Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.

The Ron Paul campaign is here in full force. They are everywhere. They've got people on every street corner in Fort Worth. They are running shuttle services (pickup trucks, vans and even a motorcycle) from the hotel to the convention center. They have RVs covered in Ron Paul stickers. It remains to be seen if the sheer volume of Ron Paul folks will turn into a victory as most of the Ron Paul folks are stuck outside today and not credentialed to vote. The rules of the Texas straw poll are different. You can't just show up and vote -- you have to have been a delagate at a previous Texas or Republican National Convention.

Yes that's right, this one is rigged. At least there is a show of activists though. How much longer can the media keep ignoring the fact that Ron Paul has massive support? Are they truly asking us to believe that Ron Paul supporters are so rich, that they can afford to travel the whole of the USA to do this? How come the big business backed other candidates don't do this then?

Answer = because Paul has huge support, growing by the day. No one is buying the lies anymore!

Think the North American Union is a conspiracy theory?

Think on.

More of the Same or change to Ron Paul?

I think this film "No End In Sight" sums it up. More of the same isn't an option, Ron Paul is!

Everything I knew was wrong : A case in point Ronald Reagan

When I was growing up, I belonged to a good family, but a family that struggled to make ends meet. I was taught that socialism was good, that government should look after us and that the rich should be penalised.

However, the reason we were in the state we were, was because of socialism. Our reliance on the state, was keeping us reliant. When Thatcher came along, I was taught to despise her, not because she sold Britain out to the EU like the rest, but because she "took away" our benefits.

Yes it seemed tough at the time, but that reality made me realise that relying on benefits, was a one way route to misery and reliance. Reliance on a body that is totally unreliable WHEN it gets too big. Government is no different to any other organisation, in that the bigger it gets, the harder it is to keep control of. The most ruthless, lying, cheating scum always seem to rise to the top in the end. The whole system becomes a decaying bloated disaster and the people who suffer the most in the end are paradoxically the poor.

So while I can't stand Thatcher for selling my country out to the EU, I have to thank her for cutting back the welfare state at the time, making me determined not to be reliant on the state and becoming a much more independent individual. The fact Blair and now Brown are destroying Britain again, is still partly her fault though. They are following the same EU socialist/communist blueprint that she helped sign Britain up too.

So what about the title of this subject? Where does Ronald Reagan fit in? Well when I was a kid, Thatcher and Reagan were thought of as ideological twins. As a kid I would watch Spitting Image, which while being funny, set ideas in your head about people. To be fair, it did the same for all sides, painting Michael Foot as a senile old buffoon, Kinnock as a ginger loudmouthed windbag and Thatcher as a hard nosed, bordering on fascist cow.

Reagan didn't miss out either and they painted him as a stupid old man, who had lost his marbles. Here is an example of what I mean.

Well while they got the other characters semi right, they had Reagan down badly wrong. That programme set me back years, by making me refuse to see him in a serious light. Remember I was an impressionable kid at the time, but if I had seen this speech below then, I would not have wasted my time on socialism and I certainly would never have voted for Bliar in 1997. Reagan was a man of FREEDOM and limited government. There are very good reason to have limited government and that is to

1) Keep it in check and prevent it from becoming TOO powerful, which in turn ends up in it being corrupted. The exact same principles should probably be applied to all organisations involving human beings.

2) Encourage people to look after themselves, being independent and respect all they have, because they had to work for it. Give people things and they don't respect it. This lack of respect then breeds lack of respect for other things too. Why are the poorer, more reliant areas the ones most blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour? Because it is in the vicious circle of reliance, that KEEPS them poor and prevents them becoming self reliant.

3) The fundamental root of socialism, big government and collectivism (they all go hand in hand), is that the individual is not free, but owned by the collective. This means the collective has a right to tell the individual what to do, take their money and basically confine that individual to an ever tightening set of rules. Now even if you don't care about freedom, and I seriously believe a lot of people are not fully aware of what freedom is and what it means, then you at least expect the "collective" to be fair. What is fair though? Who defines it? Democracy? How can democracy ever work, other than on a very small scale. The more people involved in the decision making, the less influence the individual has on anything. Then we get back to human nature and the fact the people at the top of the collective, become more and more corrupt and controlling.

You actually never have a true collective, just a block that is CONTROLLED by a few people at the top. Look at how communism has turned out throughout the ages. The masses in poverty, being treated badly, with the elites at the top living it up and ignoring the rules the rest of the collective have to obey, under more and more harsh punishment threats. So even if you don't believe in freedom, you have to see that the route to collectivism always and I mean always ends up in the gutter.

Anyway, listen to what the stupid old man Reagan had to say here.

Now Reagan understood where not having freedom isn't a life worth having. He understood that fighting for his nation's freedom, to show it as a beacon to the world was the only way. Yes, this means having a very strong defence to prevent other collective thinking nations trying to absorb the USA, but that does not mean ATTACKING those nations in a pre-emptive way. After all, if you attack another nation, you are trying to impose YOUR way on them!! The only way people can truly have freedom, is if they fight for it themselves. Communism collapsed in the USSR, not because America went in and destroyed it, probably destroying most of the world on its way, but by Russians looking at their underground media and seeing that people in the States had more freedom and wealth than they could ever have. Once the collective mass sees how crappy their lives are, compared to those that are free, how can you fail to want the freedom option?

Yes it takes courage to break the grip of the hive thinking fascists and yes that is what collectivism is too. Fascism and communism are just too sides of the same coin. Both demand that people follow an agenda and both in reality see that agenda set by a few corrupt liars and cheat at the top.

This is why freedom of the individual is the only way. Yes you have to have SOME collective decisions, because we all have to live together at the end of the day, but these have to be limited and pushed to as local a level as possible. One World government is a one way ticket to hell and this it truly the fight we are in now. The EU, the NAU and all the other organisations that are trying to centralise power, making us more and more into slaves have to be defeated.

There is only one person running for the US elections who gets this. That man is Ron Paul! We are having to get our information on Ron Paul via grassroots methods, just as people who have been oppressed have had to throughout history. The fascism most of us are getting may well have the velvet glove on at the moment, but by the day that glove is coming off. Ron Paul winning is ESSENTIAL for the States and the world. The collapse of the EU, NAU and other centralising powers that remove individual liberty is also a battle we HAVE to win.

The collectivists will use any method they can to try and con us into believing we have to give up freedom. Whether this is from the Right Gatekeeper's "Terrorism" or the Left Gatekeeper's "Global Warming". Both methods are designed to scare the individual into a collectivist responses, when in reality people when given freedom, will tend to make the right choices in a voluntary way anyway. You can never have utopia, but at least the individual approach isolates the bad eggs, while collectivism spreads them.

As a last thought, sometimes I think you have to look at films to get some clues of where collectivism leads. The Borg from Startrek, the Empire in Star Wars, you name it. You never see a Libertarian force trying to enslave others, but you sure see them fighting back and eventually winning!

Voting Ron Paul now, will save us a lot of pain in the future!