Saturday, 1 September 2007

Ron Paul Supporters Owning Straw Poll AGAIN!

A good crowd of Texas Republicans is on hand this morning to hear speeches from Michael Steele, Senator John Cornyn and then Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.

The Ron Paul campaign is here in full force. They are everywhere. They've got people on every street corner in Fort Worth. They are running shuttle services (pickup trucks, vans and even a motorcycle) from the hotel to the convention center. They have RVs covered in Ron Paul stickers. It remains to be seen if the sheer volume of Ron Paul folks will turn into a victory as most of the Ron Paul folks are stuck outside today and not credentialed to vote. The rules of the Texas straw poll are different. You can't just show up and vote -- you have to have been a delagate at a previous Texas or Republican National Convention.

Yes that's right, this one is rigged. At least there is a show of activists though. How much longer can the media keep ignoring the fact that Ron Paul has massive support? Are they truly asking us to believe that Ron Paul supporters are so rich, that they can afford to travel the whole of the USA to do this? How come the big business backed other candidates don't do this then?

Answer = because Paul has huge support, growing by the day. No one is buying the lies anymore!

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2 Great Straw Poll speeches can be heard here: