Friday, 7 September 2007

Americans aren't stupid, but the Neocons useful idiots are!

One of the things I hate here in Britain and even more so in mainland Europe, is there are a large portion of mainly leftists, who hate Americans and call them stupid.

They in turn show their own low intelligence levels, by assuming everyone in the states is a "neocon". The truth of the matter, is very few people are "neocons", but just like any other people on the planet, people like to be trusting and tend to believe what the media tells them. They read their "news"paper, or watch the "news" on T.V. and expect a "fair and balanced" amount of news. Neocons aren't stupid either. Devious yes, stupid no. They have an agenda and their techniques for carrying the public with them have worked.

Well, that was the case for a long time, but slowly there is a wind of change happening. Anyone watching the Fox "debate" the other day, must have been questioning this faith in the media. It was probably the crudest attempt to spin an event I have ever seen, and boy have I seen some crude attempts before.

Even though Paul was winning the text poll, with a 2-1 lead over his nearest rival, Fox threw every trick in the book to gloss over that. Hannity told blatant lies, saying it was Paul supporters "redialing". The system was set up to allow one vote per number, so that was a blatant lie.

They allowed amplified guffawing from Rudy McRomney, when Ron Paul was trying to make serious and obviously popular points. I don't see this being allowed the other way around. So blatant.

They even had some bizarre reactionometer, showing reaction from God knows who, while the commentator tried to paint the debate as some huge disaster for Paul, when anyone with an ounce of brain could see this was not true.

EVEN if you agreed with the war on the basis that you think all Muslims are evil, or the constitution is wrong, or any other reason, then that is fully your entitled opinion. However, you must be questioning why a candidate that supposedly has minimal support really, is getting such huge efforts to ridicule, squash and be silenced?

Are you confident your opinions have been formed by yourself given this clear example of bias now? All that propaganda over the years, must have had some effect right? I know I was brainwashed for years, when all of a sudden I started questioning what I was being told.

The European Union was the "event" that woke me up. For years I just accepted the media was telling me the news. This is far from the truth though, as I discovered by looking into the whole project of the EU and how the media establishment made sure the agenda to create a United States of Europe continued, with as little say from the people as possible. Some of it is subtle, but the more you have a questioning mind, the more you realise there is always an end objective.

Look at how we are ALL losing our freedoms and not actually feeling any safer at all. More tax, more terror, less liberty and a constant drive towards enslavement. At what point are the masses going to turn around and say,

"Hang on a minute, you have done everything you want, yet we are still going down the road to hell!"

Well, I have been accused of being anti-American before. Not because of any comments about Americans, but because I refused to support a war based on pure propaganda. A war that they tried to use the UN as a justification for, then changed the rules when the UN didn't actually do as they wanted. It was a scam from day one and Paul is right. The more you meddle in external affairs, the more you have to expect blow back.

The banner "Don't tread on me" says it best. One thing I would make clear though, is I WOULD enter into voluntary alliances. NATO, as an organisation that said if you "tread" on any one of us, then you have all of us to deal with was and is perfect. It has been abused to attack instead of defend and that needs changing, but if all free, democratic countries entered into this arrangement on the original basis, then that would be good in my mind.

NATO is pretty much useless when a small band of nutters, rather than a country attacks you though. That is when you need to have good relations with ALL countries, so that such nutters can be brought to justice. Even then you have to target them much more intelligently, as just randomly blowing the crap out of places with turn one terrorist, into a hundred each time you do it.

So while it is quite easy to scare a trusting nation into backing your plans, if those plans turn out to be based on lies and end up in a complete mess, why expect continued backing? The 2006 elections showed the American people are NOT stupid, but sadly for them, they are just realising now that puppet B, is no different to puppet A. The same people are behind them pulling the strings.

So in summary, the American people are not stupid as a whole. Indeed, it now looks to me that the American people are going to be the first ones to wake up and make the change the world needs. Deprogramming some of the hypnotised is still a major issue and then their are the real stupid that still can't cut their bonds from their masters. The people who are so hopelessly brainwashed, that they still worship the neocon whore whores, even after the obvious bias, disastrous consequences and continued loss of freedoms.

These people are the stupid ones, but they are dwindling by the day. Some will be beyond saving, but it won't matter in the end.

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