Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Ron Paul takes gold again in Maryland

Ron Paul Daily

The straw poll numbers will be confirmed in a news release tomorrow, but here is the inside scoop from someone who helped count the ballots. There'll be a news release from the MD GOP tomorrow to make the numbers official.

Ron Paul 263 votes - 27.3%
Giuliani 220 votes -22.8%

Thompson 188 votes -19.5%
Mitt Romney - 89 (10%)
John McCain - 54 (6%)
Mike Huckabee - 35 (4%)
Tom Tancredo - 16 (2%)
Sam Brownback - 12 (1%)
Duncan Hunter - 3 (0%)
Write Ins:
New Gingrich - 17 (2%)
Bob Ehrilich - 3 (0%) (Ehrlich is former Republican Governor of MD)
Other - 11 (1%)
Spoiled ballots - 15 (2%) (e.g. voted for more than one candidate)
Total votes cast - 926

Not quite offical yet, but it looks like Ron Paul has chalked up another victory. That's in the Republican straw polls too, we all know he will get democrat, independent etc vote too in the big one.

I get the feeling the neocons will be cheering on Hillary Clinton.

Oh and BTW, a totals of all straw polls has seen Ron Pall win too.


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