Saturday, 22 September 2007

What is the alternative to Ron Paul?

Everyone has their own personal bias in their view of the world. There are many factors that help form that bias, whether it be religion, upbringing, schooling, peers, wealth or whatever else influences our lives. For this reason, you simply will never get full agreement from everyone on every issue. Heck, I bet you would find it almost impossible to find any ONE person that believes in EVERYTHING that you do.

Now in life, there are areas where there are individual rights, but in some areas you do have to take the collective into account. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, individual rights should trump collective, if you truly believe in freedom. Freedom after all is surely something any one person should want for themselves and their children. So this is where the fundemental libertarian value of having the freedom to do what you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone else.

As I said before though, there are areas where this just isn't cut and dried. For example we all have to live on this planet, so we all have to come to some sort of agreement on things like the environment. That doesn't mean one powerful group bullies the rest of us into giving up more of our our money and freedom, for no provable benefit, but this is where TRUE democracy should come in, so that we have a fair collective decision.

Another area is abortion. Now there can't be anyone out there who likes the idea of abortion, but the fact is that there is disagreement over what "life" is. I am not interested in arguing about it, because there is no hard and set answer and you will just believe what you believe. Trying to force your belief on others is abhorant to me, but if there IS going to be a collective decesision, then this decesision needs to be done at a very local level. Pushing it any higher means you lose more and more of your voice. For example, the whole of one state may be against a war, but if a small majority of all the states vote for war, then you and thousands of others are forced into something they don't believe in. That is a recipe for disaster.

So you see, I might not belive in all of Ron Paul's beliefs, but that doesn't matter. If you get the core foundations of freedom, then what the man personaly believes in is unimportant. I respect all of Paul's beliefs, but as long as he sticks to the core value of liberty, he has my support.

Don't let a few personal differences put you off him. Afterall, if you analyse Rudillary McBamaromney; do you get any more agreement? I sure as hell don't, but worse than that, none of them truly believes in freedom. Thus the Americans only have one choice.

Freedom or Fascism. Ron Paul or Rudillary McBamaromney.

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Anonymous said...

I completely Agree!!! As well as all of us here in the Pasadena Ca Meet up Group.

Pasadena Ca