Monday, 24 September 2007

A message to all Ron Paul supporters, worldwide.


Eric J. Seabury said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the support all the way from the United Kingdom. I am from Hawai'i (born and raised) but I am currently living in Lima, PerĂ¹. I was floored to see your website and the amount of support for Ron Paul. I was seriously wondering if The European nations were going to throw away their sovereignty and allow the EU to call all the shots in your every day lives. It's apparent this is not the case. I have faith that the Ron Paul revolution is not just confined to the US but for the entire world to enjoy. As I said in another message, I hope and pray myself that one day the UK can get itself out of the EU and reassert it's sovereignty.

It's amazing to read how so many other countries have caught on the Ron Paul revolution, and amazing how the mainstream media in the US says nothing about it, and instead continues to fool the public into believing that Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani are the favored picks.

Well, just wanted to comment to let you know your views are greatly appreciated. Do you have a "My Space" profile? We have alot of Ron Paul supporters in there and would love to attach your message on the "Posts" for others to see.

Take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for being willing to host a Ron Paul blog in the UK. My wife and son are UK citizens and I have a lot of ancestors from the British Isles, so what happens in the UK is of concern to me. And, like you say, we in the States can provide a real shot in the arm to you as you work to get rid of the EU and recover your own sovereignty.

As a grass roots activist, I'm amazed at the interest and/or support that exists among the American public. It's way higher than the paltry amount the mainstream media would have us all believe. I'm fired up and working to get a lot of other voters fired up as well. Please keep doing what you can to help us so that we can end some 70 years' worth of globalist control of the most powerful office in the world.

Matt Davies said...

Thanks for the comments guys. After my trip to Seattle I am more convinced than ever, that there is a real chance for Ron Paul. People who I would never have thought would have hear of him, but buzzing about him.

I saw 5 signs in Seattle for Ron Paul, but the mainstream media still seems to be trying to focus people on the CFR sponsored candidates.

My biggest battle, was convincing people who WANT to support Paul, to do it and not settle for the less of two evils, as you only get evil that way!

Patriot said...

I just found your site and I'm deeply touched by your message. Your message is important to all Americans. I strongly believe that my country, America is the last hope for the world in the fight against Corporate, Global Tyranny.

I do not feel this in the sense that we are the saviors of the world but in the sense that once we fall all is lost. I sincerely believe that Ron Paul is the last hope for the world and the scary thing is that the Global Elite fear his being elected every bit as much.