Friday, 7 September 2007

So. Where are the other candidates supporters?

How come the MSM keep saying Ron Paul only has a few spammers on the internet, yet the ONLY candidate with visible real world support is Ron Paul?

Even though Rudillary McBamaromney has loads of money to throw around, there is barely a whimper from them. You get a few supporters here and there in isolated pockets, but nothing compared to the visible Ron Paul revolution.

Is it that only Ron Paul supporters care enough to get out there? Is it that only Ron Paul supporters aren't ASHAMED of who they support? Or is it more like the emporer has no clothes and the other elite backed candidates really only have the elite and a few useful idiots backing them?

You decide, but I have a horrible image of Rudillay McBamaromney running around in the buff.

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