Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ron Paul isn't isolationist!

I am now seeing some attacks appearing lately. Now that the establishment and their useful idiot neocon supporters are getting worried, they have left the ignore phase and are now well into the attack/ridicule phase.

So far the attacks are along the lines of Ron Paul is a nut. Well if loving freedom makes you a nut, then count me in too. Tomorrow's great oak is the nut that held its ground anyway!

Then we have the unfounded racism charges. I have seen this line used before, where the person is attacked based on what someone they spoke to once, said to them in a bar or something. It is weak to say the least, but it is standard leftist tactics. The Neocons are leftists in the true meaning. They like authoritarian measures, big government and utilise all the tools of the left.

The final attack and probably the one that is easiest to fall for, is the charge of being isolationist. Again, this is a charge I have seen many times before, but it is so easy to debunk to any rational, thinking person.

Paul is clearly not isolationist, because he is for friendship and free trade with the world. Why do people think Brits, Germans, French etc are supporting him too?
The reality of this attack is it is the same as a gang. Just as the Mafia etc would force people to stay in their gang with abuse and threats, this is the same.

Ron Paul isn't afraid of the bullying though. He will continue to support voluntary co-operation instead of coercive enslavement. The more people see through these attacks, the more they will support him.


Anonymous said...

Nobody has done more to isolate the U.S. from the rest of the world than the Bush administration and the neo-cons that try to scare the masses into believing that there is a boogy man that has the capability and desire to kill us hiding under every rock of every nation.

I'm sick of it. Ron Paul would go a long way to repairing the damage that has been done these last 7 years.

beckweth said...

Good post. Heart warming to see support for Ron Paul in your neck of the woods.

There was an article written in Ron Paul's newsletter some 15 years ago. The article was written by one of his staffers, whom he later fired. Ron Paul did not denounce the article until some time later. He explained the article was written in the personal style, which is not his style of writing. There is no other article anywhere like that article that can be attributed to Ron Paul.

You could probably do a google search on this subject and post the details in your blog, if you have time.

Thanks, Beck - Up State NY