Sunday, 9 September 2007

How free is America without Ron Paul?

Some nights, I like nothing more to kick back with a cold beer and play a bit of online poker. It's brilliant that I can go up against the world and add a little wager to make it more interesting.

I go on Party Poker and I see players from all over the world. Germany, France, South Africa, Romania, Holland and even Russia.

Canada is there of course, but wait a minute? Where are all the people from the supposedly most free country in the world?

Yep there is never anyone on from the USA. Now this is bizarre, as this is the country that gave us Las Vegas! Yet your government doesn't think you are capable of looking after yourselves on the web? Rubbish, big money interests want to keep the status quo the way it is. They don't like the idea of any new boys getting in on their action.

Thus on this one small issue, you have to realise how you are not free at all!

Doesn't that make you feel cheated? Do you like having your government regulating the internet, like in China?


Jake said...

Hell No we don't like it and we're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore! We are currently and actively pushing for impeachment of Bush, Cheney, and anyone else in congress that votes to regulate freedom. We will shake up the system until we root the problem out. Our first thing we need to do is secure a president in 2008 that will restore the republic our grandfathers fought for.

Matt Davies said...

Good for you! You have to get mad, otherwise you don't do anything. More Americans have to get MAD!

You have to CARE about freedom and recognise that you are losing it.

Don't be like Britain. Most people here are sleepwalking into enslavement. As long as they get their bread and circuses (pizza and Eastenders), they just sit there in dumb silence, as every last freedom it removed bit by bit.

I am seeing the Americans cherish freedom more. Sure the neocons are hijacking that deisire for freedom, to spread the lie that you are blowing the shit out of the world to give it freedom. You know that is bollocks though. You know that only by being free, will you spread the desire to be free around the world!

We're banking on you guys.

tiramisu / pasadena, ca, usa said...

sadly, the obituary will sooner than later come to read:

"those who yearned for liberty became accustomed to the heat, year after year, the heat grew a little stronger; until, when the heat [loss of liberties] became unbearable, it was too late to jump out of the boiling cauldron."

Anonymous said...

America is awake! I was wondering when the rest of the world would start noticing Ron Paul, and man has it ever! This is great, because it means We here in America (the actual people, not corporations) are getting our point across, that we will accept nothing less than to reinstate a true leader who wants to bring back our Constitution. Live free or Die! It's the American way.

Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

Forget online poker. Try a fully networked and fascisized police state brimming over with fanatical tyrants and immoral ne'er-do-wells, and that's the folks in charge. It's good to see freedom-loving Brits who care about liberty, even if it is disheartening at times that people living outside of my country seem to understand freedom better than many here in the USA.

Nonetheless, Ron Paul is a symbol of hope that our country needs more than ever. I hope you good people in the UK find someone like him in your own struggle for your birthright of liberty. Cheers to online gambling, freedom, and Ron Paul.

tiramisu said...

here's something for you gmt +0 boys & girls and other groups worldwide:

there has been a rush of states in the u.s.a. to move their primary election dates forward by as much as 6mos or more. that limits the lesser known candidates from acquiring recognition & momentum. now, we are finding that states are revising their voter rules, in an unpublicized event, effectively locking out independents and others, unless they happen to hear about the new registration requirements.

in the early primary of New Hampshire, the previously "open" format is now closed to all but republicans. folks have only until 12 Oct 2007 to make a party affiliation change. what that means is, after Oct 12th, the total available voter pool will be in the currently registered party. any campaigning afterwards can essentially ignore others until the final nomination.

only a crossover candidate like Dr. Paul, who attracts independents, undeclareds, democrats, and other party members (libertarians, constitution party, etc) will stand to lose, since the others primarily only have their core party members to grasp.

of course, here we go again with the conspiracy theories... it's just good governance - really.