Sunday, 16 September 2007

World Supporters Of Ron Paul Unite!

We may not be able to donate direct to the Ron Paul campaign, but we sure as hell can help out his supporter base!

There is a campaign to get T.V. adverts for the Columbus group. They are doing quite well, but they don't have much time to get the full amount.

Join me in donating something, to get them to their target!


JOhn said...

HAha! You guys are fucking awesome!

Viva la Revolution!

freedom fighter said...

parties for ron paul
hello i am from uk and support ron paul
I was thinking it would be a good idea to take up the provision of free entertainment in city centre streets while advertising ron paul just like the bottled water for ron paul but for less cost possibly. and also actual liberty parties on campuses among friends where not only the normal food and drinks can be had but also maybe video screening of some of ron paul videos of an entertaining and educational nature and maybe ron paul songs as well could feature as well as literature being available open parties would generate interest and be talked about before and after. The same with street art or entertainment which is virtually free. I used to do portraits in my home town city centre and i remember before i started someone did the same thing for one day and everybody in the town heard about it within about 24 hours it seemed because it was new and unusual it spread like a virus that it existed. some of the creatives in the ron paul movement artists actors juglers, dancers acrobats poets musicians could get together and go on tour causing a buzz in every place they visited that would ripple out and reach those not on the internet for free.