Friday, 31 August 2007

First it was Barry Manilow supporting Ron Paul

Now, here come the wrestlers.

Whatch ya gonna do when the Ron Paul revolution runs wild on you!!!

Sing for Freedom!

The time for waiting is over!

Come on, just sitting there and doing nothing is not an option anymore. What are you going to do about our freedoms being pissed away?

America has Ron Paul and he needs all the help he can get.

Britain is leaderless on the freedom front, but we have the seed of a revolution. 27th, London, the march for a referendum on the EU constitution!

Ron Paul Freedom Train Picking Up Speed

To be this good, takes being a Ron Paul supporter!

I don't know about everyone else, but I have never seen such awesome efforts than the ones of supporters of Ron Paul.

Rudama McRomnillary would have to pay big bucks for this. Ron Paul gets it for free, because people really believe in his message.

The right man, just in time : Ron Paul

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ron Paul and Barack Obama now neck and neck

It's too tight to call at the moment, as Ron Paul overhaulled a decent lead, to now be involved in a game of cat and mouse with establishment candidate, Barak Obama.

The USA itself sees Paul dominating, but the rest of the world, which obviously hasn't had the great work of the activists redressing the balance, is letting the score down a little.

Does the world really want this CFR member, hell bent on a North American Union? Do they really want one of the elites puppets, happy to take the cash for compliance?

Again I call on all freedom loving people of the world to shun this charlatan and get behind Ron Paul.

What is clear though, is Paul is absolutely destroying the other Republican candidates. If the Republican party really want a chance of winning, then they would be wise to back the one guy who can do it. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul supporters worldwide, a call to arms

Get your butts to this site and vote for Ron Paul.

It is understandable that Paul isn't winning yet, what with the near media blackout against him around the world.

Indeed, he is doing rather well considering (especially in the UK). However, we are going to have to beat the media too, so please can all global Ron Paul supporters get on the site and get Ron Paul into 1st place.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Ron Paul dominates another online poll

Washington D.C. 8/27/2007 5:20 PM GMT (FINDITT - Top Story) has an audience of about 67,000 visitors per month according to the latest statistics by Quantcast -- making it the most visited polling website with the exception of RealClearPolitics. The web site has been having an online straw poll for three days on voters' preference for the 2008 election; both Democrats and Republicans are listed.

Ron Paul is leading the group of almost 20 candidates with 51%. Even more impressive is that he currently has 1744 votes while the second place candidate Dennis Kucinich has 613 votes -- 18%. Ron Paul leads the next closest Republican competitor in the online poll 51% to 3%.

Ordinarily, very little can be made of such results. They could be flukes. The web site's target audience could be Ron Paul, etc. But gets an immense amount of traffic all across the United States and it is a non-partisan website that talks about all of the candidates.

Not sure how the MSM can keep writing this odd. Paul is picking up poupularity by the day. I predict a sustained smear campaign very soon.

Wake up and smell the fascism America!

That's right. His own property and they won't let him put up a sign. I bet they wouldn't have said a thing if it was any other candidate.


Vote Ron Paul!

Ron Paul Rocks On

Nice work Fabio!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Ron Paul forces himself into the top tier

Check this site out. Now normally, you would only see the usual lackies listed at the top, but being an internet site and with teh research they were reporting on, they can't just ignore Ron Paul anymore.

Ron Paul is now included in the pictures of candidate at the top of the page and once again, Paul is reported as coming out on top in most of the straw poll.

Indeed they are now saying the Republican nomination is down to a straight fight between Giuliani and Paul. I actualy disagree with this. As far as I can see, Giuliani is losing support by the day.

Paul wins another straw poll

Man those internet spammers sure do get around. People are going to start thinking Paul really does have growing support at this rate!

Of course he has, but the MSM won't be reporting that anytime soon.

Where were you when the revolution happened?

Don't be an onlooker, be part of it!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Mainstream Media is the peoples enemy

I have been paying pretty close attention to the mainstream media for a while now. In the UK, I have always thought it was a very controlled affair. Everytime there is an election on, the only parties that get any real publicity are the old traitor parties that have given our country away to the EU. Any others just get ignored, or at best dismissed using lies.

Now I have been watching the USA's media efforts and they are EXACTLY the same. Time after time Ron Paul supporters get through, or help win a poll and all the mainstream do is dismiss. They try and write it all off as a small band of people doing it all.

Anyone with a brain and the internet can see through this bull though. Meetup groups with ever increasing thousands of members, main of which are hardcore activists. Paul coming top in so many online efforts. More than that though, Paul is actually getting results in REAL life straw polls. This is incredible at this stage, with nothing good coming from the MSM.

My fear though, is the goal of the MSM may not be to actually persuade people not to vote Ron Paul, but to convince them that they are alone and that the rest of America isn't voting Ron Paul. Do that and even if Paul wins by a landslide, aslong as the vote counters are onside, they can announce whatever result they wish.

Therefore, Ron Paul supporters have to make this 100% obvious how much support he really does have. Come the election, sitting at home watching it on T.V. isn't an option. Every American must turn up to their local counts and make it clear how much support Paul really has in those areas. Then if we do see results that defy this, we will know the true state of democracy is worse than we ever thought!

Austria for Ron Paul

The global revolution grows by the day!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Ron Paul wins another Straw Poll. Media stays silent.


August 22, 2007 202-246-6363

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Representative Ron Paul won the South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club's straw poll last night in Snohomish County, Washington. Dr. Paul received 30 percent of the vote, beating out Fred Thompson who garnered 27 percent.

The victory continues a string of straw poll successes for Dr. Paul. In the past week, the Republican congressman and OB doctor won contests in North Carolina, New Hampshire and Alabama.

"Our campaign is growing by the day and continues to build momentum," said campaign manager Lew Moore. "This victory demonstrates strong grassroots support in the important state of Washington."

Those people who don't use the internet or look for news outside the MSM, will be unaware this or any of the other wins ever happened.

Ron Paul Makes Sense

Spot on.

Romania joins the revolution

Welcome aboard chaps!

Mainstream Media Puppet Show

This is so in tune with my view of the media and politics. EXACTLY the same issue here in the U.K.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

You wanna fight, fight Ron Paul!


He will use tiger style!

Great work!

Critical to get political Ron Paul anthem

All the talented people support Ron Paul.

All aboard the freedom train!

To those who doubt I am British

It's the best I can do for now, as I was in a rush for work. When I get a chance, I'll try and get one of me in a Ron Paul T-Shirt somewhere else.

Oh and here is a glimpse into the future for the USA, if you don't elect Ron Paul.

Monday, 20 August 2007

More great results for Ron Paul


Alabama: first

North Carolina: first

New Hampshire Taxpayers: first

New Hampshire: first


National Taxpayers Union: second

South Carolina: second


NFRA (Republican straw poll): third

Illinois: third

Indiana: tied for third


Iowa: fifth


This is early days too. These results must start sending shockwaves around the mainstream media. The internet campaign is proving to be filtering into the "real world"

Of course it is! The internet is the real world. Millions of Americans are on the web and now with the message being taken beyond the web, more and more people are getting the message.

The mainstream is worried. Expect hit pieces and slurs at the very least soon!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ron Paul owns another Straw Paul

Where is the mainstream media?

The revolution will not be televised!

Incredible progress being made

That's right, Ron Paul wins Alabama straw poll with over 90% of the vote!

How can the media keep ignoring this?

Because they can!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Why America (and Britain) needs a revolution!

Watch the last minute of this. This is the kind of scum you have running the show. Exact same thing happened to me in the GE of 2005, only I took an elbow too from a Tory who didn't like the idea of me being on T.V. with my sign!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Powerful anti-war video

Not strictly Ron Paul material, but it's one of his main issues.

I suggest Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are the top candidates for each party. Obviously I go fo Ron Paul as number 1 though. We don't want to split the vote when it matters! Ron Paul is the guy with all the momentum and he deserves EVERYONES support.

My first Ron Paul Video

Hope you like it!

Ron Paul Picking Up Momentum


Ron Paul has now pulled A 9% and a 19% in back to back voter polls.
The little man that could, just might.

This is quite extrodinary. I hope The RP campaign would be the start. I thought he may not be able to win the Republican nomination, but I hoped he would start the freedom revolution the world needs.

Now I am begining to think he might just do it!

Spot on analysis of Ron Paul campaign

American Chronicle

These detractors need to think for a moment. I don’t know which candidates they support, but those candidates are getting support of very few people in the online community. One must wonder why some of these candidates don’t have that kind of support. One must wonder why Mitt Romney doesn’t have dozens of technologically savvy supporters going online to spam the polls or to create a buzz on Digg. One may wonder the same about John McCain or Rudy Giuliani supporters also, or the supporters of any of the other republican candidates. Could it be that the supporters of the other candidates simply aren’t as excited about their candidate as Ron Paul’s supporters are? Doesn’t it make you wonder why Ron Paul supporters are so excited? And I personally don’t think that it is in fact true that Ron Paul supporters are low in numbers and spamming the Internet. In fact, I think the number of Ron Paul supporters is growing day by day despite the fact that the Ron Paul detractors have tried to keep this from happening.

Excellent Ron Paul Poem

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Berkeley Analysis Confirms FMNN Report of Iowa Win for Ron Paul

Free Market News

"Ron Paul showed a 350% improvement over his CNA at the straw poll and is clearly the second winner at the event. It is easy to show such a marked up win when you are only averaging about 2-3% in the polls but his polling average has been 50% lower than Duncan Hunter yet he wiped the floor of Hunter by a factor of 8. He had a raw net gain in percentage more than Tom Tancredo. Ron Paul supporters should be very proud of his performance here. It may be reported as a horrendous performance because he came in fifth place but when you consider he was not even included in many polls just a few months ago and his poor polling numbers thus far have been keeping him down, 10% here is great.

"Herbert Asher, a Political Science professor at Ohio State University, said that 'continuing coverage of long-term trends, and background news is often neglected' by the media. The background news in this story is simple: Romney did not do well, his supporters may have stayed home expecting an easy win. Huckabee and Ron Paul soared above all expectations and are on the way up. Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson should drop out of the race."
Free Market News">Free Market News">

Nice Youtube vid

Sunday, 12 August 2007

So, how are the trends looking?

Let's look at this graph for the past few years and compare how Ron Paul is doing, compared to the guy who won the straw poll in Iowa. Now Mitt Romney is a very rich man, backed by very rich men. He wanted to send a crushing message to all, that he was the only candidate in it. Rudy couldn't be bothered to see the Iowans and neither could Fred Thompson or McCain.

Thus Romney was up against all the candidates that tend to get ignored by the media (at the moment anyway). Romney splashed out millions of dollars over months, in trying to create the illusion that he is "top tier". Well his millions did but him victory, but convincing it wasn't.

As a Brit, I have barely heard of the guy until these elections, but it was pretty clear from media coverage, that he is a favoured establishment boy. Look at how his media has jumped from almost nada, to a reasonable amount during the elction and compare to the small amount Paul has been given. However, then you look for at what people are actually searching for and the story is different. Paul is now on a crazy upward spike, that suggests not only are people searching for Ron Paul, but that they stick with him when they see what he is about.

Even on Romney's glorious victory period, he can only look on as Ron Pauls momentum grows.

And folks, this is exponential! When you get enthused by the Paul camapaign, you want to get others involved too. Freedom really is a great product to sell and Ron Paul is the only guy with it in stock!

The establishment media puppets will be concerned, very concerned at what is transipring here. The ignore phase is probably coming to an end and we will enter a savage attack phase. Ron Paul is going to have to expect some of the dirtiest tactics ever, as the media try to stem this flood of liberty.

Democrats, Republicans or whatever political background you come from. It doesn't matter! Ron Paul is the man the USA needs to return it to the glory it is capable of. The beacon that many countries have admired for years and will want ot emulate once again.

Iowa Straw Poll Result

Well, we have had the first result in from Iowa and let's be honest. Some of us (including me), were letting expectation run away with us. I never expected Paul to win, but I was kinda hoping for second place.

Was that really realistic though? This is the first heavily biased hurdle, in a long steeplechase.

Paul could have blown his war chest in getting second place if he wanted too. That may well have shoved him up to second place, but would it have been the best use of cash?

I don't think so. Paul clearly has growing support and committed dedicated support. That is key and needs to stay key for a while. Building the activist base, funds and brand awareness is the goal to start with. Paul has done that and even with a limited campaign to start with, he confounded the polsters predictions of 2% and got nearly 10%, beating half of the field (including so called top tier).

The supporters have had a reality check too! Now we know we are in a fight. Whatever people have done, we need to step it up and keep stepping it up. More and more people are joining the Ron paul Revolution every day. Keep doing that and we will send a shockwave that can't be ignored!

Some reports were saying barely 20 people turned up to Ron Pauls speech, yet once again YouTube shows what a lie that is.

Seriously, it is quite clear to me that Paul has proven there is a thirst for freedom. All we need now is to get the message across and all of us worldwide can help do this. Buy Ron Paul merchandise from trusted supporters of the campaign. Help in any way we can. Obviously if you actually live in the States, you are in the driving seat. You guys need to get out there and build Ron Paul support in every area of the country.

Don't forget too, that this is just the start. We all know Paul appeals to the disenchanted who don't usually vote and democrats alike. If the Republicans are foolish enough to support another war whore, then they will condemn their party to a long spell of wilderness. America is sick of the war and the money being spent on it.
If they don't support the one guy who has a chance of winning the country at large, then it isn't the end of the world.

Paul will run for president. The only question is under which banner.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Canadians for Ron Paul

Having some Canadian roots myself, I am proud to see the next door neighbours of the US getting involved.

This truly is a worldwide movement for freedom.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Grassroots power at its best!

Check out this full page ad, that is going to run in Iowa local papers, paid 100% by people on an internet forum!

When people want to acheive, they will. Free them from oppressive government and all people will acheive so much more!

Another great Youtube effort

Ask yourselves.

How is it that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate attracting all the talent out there? Sure some of the other candidates can PAY for professionals to do stuff. Mostly cold, emotionless rubbish though.

Ron Pauls stuff is coming from volunteers, for free and from the heart!

Why is that?

And why is the media trying so hard to dismiss it?

My only fear is they have been planing for this time. They must have known that people would wake up and smell the scam of the establisment sooner or later. So what have they put in place to keep a lid on it?

Ron Paul Rap

Worldwide Revolution

The people of the USA may be leading the way, but they have back up from the world!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Paul Donations Picking Up

With fund raising efforts exceeding expectations and seemingly unstoppable momentum, Ron Paul continues to be a candidate on the rise. While other presidential campaigns have sputtered, peaked, and are on the decline, he has positioned himself to become a serious contender. He still has a lot of room for growth, but in this process he is being elevated from second tier status to one of the top five Republican presidential candidates. The success of his campaign has caught many by surprise, including himself. Some of his rivals are now trying to duplicate his formula, but true spontaneous grassroots movements cannot be generated or manufactured. His support is diverse, and what is becoming increasingly clear is that before all is said and done, Ron Paul will have made a huge impact, win or lose. -OpedNew

This and the fact Fox News is now running hit pieces on Paul, shows the establishment are getting concerned. In the past controlling the sheepdog (mainstream media), meant you get the sheep (the people) to follow fairly easily.

The bad news for them though, is there is a new, bigger, stronger and more reliable dog on the scene. The internet. They have no idea how to control the many sites that are used by the people. It's much easier to do when you have full control, as per the mainstream.

Expect some major efforts to smear Paul and his supporters. They don't like it up em!

Hello to "Holland For Ron Paul"

Just had an email from our Dutch friends saying they have started a blog.

Please pop in and see them and if you are form Holland, support them in anyway you can!

Nice little Ron Paul tune

HT to Franz in Austria.

Monday, 6 August 2007

UK Papers Start Showing Some Interest

The former top antiterrorism aide to Rudolph Giuliani has launched a stinging critique of the former New York mayor over the September 11 atrocity, attacking a key pillar of his challenge for the White House.

Rudolph Giuliani's nomination campaign owes much to his role on September 11

Jerome Hauer, New York's emergency management director from 1996 to 2000, said Mr Giuliani was closely involved in locating the city's crisis control room in the World Trade Centre complex, even though it was a known terrorist target after the 1993 truck bomb attack which killed six people at the site.

The location proved disastrous in 2001 as the building was set ablaze in the collapse of the adjoining twin towers.

The condemnation by Mr Hauer, a leading US expert on biological and chemical terrorism, provides fresh ammunition to Mr Giuliani's foes, who want to undermine the widespread acclaim for his actions in the aftermath of al-Qaeda's attack on the towers. It follows similar criticism from the main firemen's union.

Giuliani is one of the most despicable people I have ever seen. He did nothing but capatalise on 9/11 happening on his watch and has tried to use it as a springboard to the presidents office ever since. He made a number of blunders on the day, that should have had hime fired, not worshiped.

The fact the Queen awarded him made most Brits sick to the stomach. But then, the Queen was probably told to do it by another war whore, Tony Blair.

This guy is a vote to turn the USA into a full on Police State.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Why Should Brits Care?

Because Britain is suffering the EXACT same symptoms as the USA. We are being ruled, instead of having real representative democracy. Like us, the USA are being deceived too. Britain has almost being totaly swallowed up by a corrupt, undemocratic European Union. The USA are starting to go down the route of North American Union.

Once we both get locked in, it will be so much harder to get out. Indeed, only when it collapses will it probably be possible and that means a lot of pain.

America really did show the world the way for a while. It's constitution recognised the evil of huge government, but they have lost their way, especially under the current regime.

Any Brit who actually works now, realises the massive taxation we all have to suffer. 1 in 4 people work for the government and there are 8 million economically inactive people. This is simply unsustainable and with Blair taking us into Iraq on lies, billions given to the EU and huge cost of the huge government machine that has been built, we are living on borrowed time.

No wonder Brown robbed the pensions, condemning people who actually saved for their futures to even more state reliance, though this time through the government stealing from them first.

Enough is enough. Britain is in a terrible situation, with two puppet parties, both only interested in their own grubby careers and backed by the mainstream media.

The USA has managed to do what we haven't so far and got itself a champion of freedom. The Americans aren't quite as docile and ready to accept a police state as we seem to be, so they have rallied behind the one politican they have with integrity. Maybe Britain doesn't have such a person and thus why we are floundering.

Ron Paul winning in the States will send shockwaves of freedom around the world. Maybe the British will rediscover our spines if he does?

Ron Paul Wins FreedomWorks Straw Poll

Online Poll Receives a Staggering 16,371 Individually Validated Ballots
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreedomWorks officially closed its Republican Presidential Straw Poll early this morning after 16,371 limited government conservatives cast their votes over 3 days of polling. Texas Representative Ron Paul won by a wide margin with 56 percent of the vote. Senator Fred Thompson snatched the second place position, with Duncan Hunter taking third. The FreedomWorks Straw Poll provides the most complete view of the limited government movement heading into the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th.

The mainstream can't keep writing off Ron Paul with these results. The man has united Americans from all sides of the political spectrum, with his simple but desperately needed message of freedom.

I only wish Britain had the same sort of positive movement going, but I can only hope the Ron Paul revolution sparks similar movements across the globe!

Attention all Brits

Anyone paying attention to the US presidential elections, knows there is something stiring there.

Sure the mainstream media, unsurprisingly, isn't saying much about it.

But go to any popular website and you will see a surge of grassroots support for Ron Paul!

His simple message of freedom and small government is perfect not just for America, but Britain and many other countries in the world.

Do the world a favour and help support this champion of the constitution!