Sunday, 12 August 2007

Iowa Straw Poll Result

Well, we have had the first result in from Iowa and let's be honest. Some of us (including me), were letting expectation run away with us. I never expected Paul to win, but I was kinda hoping for second place.

Was that really realistic though? This is the first heavily biased hurdle, in a long steeplechase.

Paul could have blown his war chest in getting second place if he wanted too. That may well have shoved him up to second place, but would it have been the best use of cash?

I don't think so. Paul clearly has growing support and committed dedicated support. That is key and needs to stay key for a while. Building the activist base, funds and brand awareness is the goal to start with. Paul has done that and even with a limited campaign to start with, he confounded the polsters predictions of 2% and got nearly 10%, beating half of the field (including so called top tier).

The supporters have had a reality check too! Now we know we are in a fight. Whatever people have done, we need to step it up and keep stepping it up. More and more people are joining the Ron paul Revolution every day. Keep doing that and we will send a shockwave that can't be ignored!

Some reports were saying barely 20 people turned up to Ron Pauls speech, yet once again YouTube shows what a lie that is.

Seriously, it is quite clear to me that Paul has proven there is a thirst for freedom. All we need now is to get the message across and all of us worldwide can help do this. Buy Ron Paul merchandise from trusted supporters of the campaign. Help in any way we can. Obviously if you actually live in the States, you are in the driving seat. You guys need to get out there and build Ron Paul support in every area of the country.

Don't forget too, that this is just the start. We all know Paul appeals to the disenchanted who don't usually vote and democrats alike. If the Republicans are foolish enough to support another war whore, then they will condemn their party to a long spell of wilderness. America is sick of the war and the money being spent on it.
If they don't support the one guy who has a chance of winning the country at large, then it isn't the end of the world.

Paul will run for president. The only question is under which banner.

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