Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ron Paul and Barack Obama now neck and neck


It's too tight to call at the moment, as Ron Paul overhaulled a decent lead, to now be involved in a game of cat and mouse with establishment candidate, Barak Obama.

The USA itself sees Paul dominating, but the rest of the world, which obviously hasn't had the great work of the activists redressing the balance, is letting the score down a little.

Does the world really want this CFR member, hell bent on a North American Union? Do they really want one of the elites puppets, happy to take the cash for compliance?

Again I call on all freedom loving people of the world to shun this charlatan and get behind Ron Paul.

What is clear though, is Paul is absolutely destroying the other Republican candidates. If the Republican party really want a chance of winning, then they would be wise to back the one guy who can do it. Ron Paul.

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