Saturday, 18 August 2007

Why America (and Britain) needs a revolution!

Watch the last minute of this. This is the kind of scum you have running the show. Exact same thing happened to me in the GE of 2005, only I took an elbow too from a Tory who didn't like the idea of me being on T.V. with my sign!


Nate Butterfield said...

I was there and the guy, whose sign it was, is my friend. The man who did it is Dan Rutherford, the state senator from the 53rd district of Illinois. I am an assistant organizer of the Greater Chicago Ron Paul Meetup Group and all the Illinois meetup groups are already planning action events in his district to let the people know what kind of man represents them. He just ended his political career and he does not even know it yet.
As a world traveler who has been to 21 countries, including the lovely country of Britain, I love the fact that the Ron Paul message is spreading around the world. We are working hard over here in America and hopefully we can show everyone else in the world how to throw off the tyrannical big government yoke that the world bankers put around our necks. Are you part of any of the meetup groups in Britain? If so could you get a few of y'all together and get some pictures in front of landmarks with Ron Paul's signs? It would be a very good motivational tool to help keep up the morale of many of us over here. Just knowing that people are cheering for us around the world is getting me pumped up even more and after the Iowa and Illinois straw polls I didn't think that could happen.

God bless you and good luck with your own rEVOLution!

Matt Davies said...


Yes I am part of the London meet up group. However, I haven't had a chance to actually attend so far, as it has met on Mondays which are bad for me.

I have Ron Paul T-shirts, which I brought so that my American friends could then use that money to donate (seeing as they earned it, they can donate it while I can't!).

I will be trying to get a good photo of me in London with it on over the next few days.

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