Thursday, 16 August 2007

Berkeley Analysis Confirms FMNN Report of Iowa Win for Ron Paul

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"Ron Paul showed a 350% improvement over his CNA at the straw poll and is clearly the second winner at the event. It is easy to show such a marked up win when you are only averaging about 2-3% in the polls but his polling average has been 50% lower than Duncan Hunter yet he wiped the floor of Hunter by a factor of 8. He had a raw net gain in percentage more than Tom Tancredo. Ron Paul supporters should be very proud of his performance here. It may be reported as a horrendous performance because he came in fifth place but when you consider he was not even included in many polls just a few months ago and his poor polling numbers thus far have been keeping him down, 10% here is great.

"Herbert Asher, a Political Science professor at Ohio State University, said that 'continuing coverage of long-term trends, and background news is often neglected' by the media. The background news in this story is simple: Romney did not do well, his supporters may have stayed home expecting an easy win. Huckabee and Ron Paul soared above all expectations and are on the way up. Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson should drop out of the race."
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