Sunday, 5 August 2007

Why Should Brits Care?

Because Britain is suffering the EXACT same symptoms as the USA. We are being ruled, instead of having real representative democracy. Like us, the USA are being deceived too. Britain has almost being totaly swallowed up by a corrupt, undemocratic European Union. The USA are starting to go down the route of North American Union.

Once we both get locked in, it will be so much harder to get out. Indeed, only when it collapses will it probably be possible and that means a lot of pain.

America really did show the world the way for a while. It's constitution recognised the evil of huge government, but they have lost their way, especially under the current regime.

Any Brit who actually works now, realises the massive taxation we all have to suffer. 1 in 4 people work for the government and there are 8 million economically inactive people. This is simply unsustainable and with Blair taking us into Iraq on lies, billions given to the EU and huge cost of the huge government machine that has been built, we are living on borrowed time.

No wonder Brown robbed the pensions, condemning people who actually saved for their futures to even more state reliance, though this time through the government stealing from them first.

Enough is enough. Britain is in a terrible situation, with two puppet parties, both only interested in their own grubby careers and backed by the mainstream media.

The USA has managed to do what we haven't so far and got itself a champion of freedom. The Americans aren't quite as docile and ready to accept a police state as we seem to be, so they have rallied behind the one politican they have with integrity. Maybe Britain doesn't have such a person and thus why we are floundering.

Ron Paul winning in the States will send shockwaves of freedom around the world. Maybe the British will rediscover our spines if he does?


Jonathon Staples said...

Is this link worth of adding?

Matt Davies said...

Yep. adding it.

Richard Long said...

Great site! Glad to have the Brits join in the Ron Paul R3VOLution :-)