Monday, 27 August 2007

Ron Paul dominates another online poll

Washington D.C. 8/27/2007 5:20 PM GMT (FINDITT - Top Story) has an audience of about 67,000 visitors per month according to the latest statistics by Quantcast -- making it the most visited polling website with the exception of RealClearPolitics. The web site has been having an online straw poll for three days on voters' preference for the 2008 election; both Democrats and Republicans are listed.

Ron Paul is leading the group of almost 20 candidates with 51%. Even more impressive is that he currently has 1744 votes while the second place candidate Dennis Kucinich has 613 votes -- 18%. Ron Paul leads the next closest Republican competitor in the online poll 51% to 3%.

Ordinarily, very little can be made of such results. They could be flukes. The web site's target audience could be Ron Paul, etc. But gets an immense amount of traffic all across the United States and it is a non-partisan website that talks about all of the candidates.

Not sure how the MSM can keep writing this odd. Paul is picking up poupularity by the day. I predict a sustained smear campaign very soon.


Edna said...

Hi Matt, I'm Edna, I'm helping my husband setting up a support website for Ron Paul. I put your blog in my link page, and I would like it if you put our website link in your link list. Thanks so much! I couldnt find any contact button, so I write in the comment section. ^__^ I'm still working on the site, its 85% done. Thanks so much!


Matt Davies said...

Sure. Just let me know what the link is and I'll add it. That goes for any other Ron Paul sites too, just give me a shout if you want to be added as a link.