Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Mainstream Media is the peoples enemy

I have been paying pretty close attention to the mainstream media for a while now. In the UK, I have always thought it was a very controlled affair. Everytime there is an election on, the only parties that get any real publicity are the old traitor parties that have given our country away to the EU. Any others just get ignored, or at best dismissed using lies.

Now I have been watching the USA's media efforts and they are EXACTLY the same. Time after time Ron Paul supporters get through, or help win a poll and all the mainstream do is dismiss. They try and write it all off as a small band of people doing it all.

Anyone with a brain and the internet can see through this bull though. Meetup groups with ever increasing thousands of members, main of which are hardcore activists. Paul coming top in so many online efforts. More than that though, Paul is actually getting results in REAL life straw polls. This is incredible at this stage, with nothing good coming from the MSM.

My fear though, is the goal of the MSM may not be to actually persuade people not to vote Ron Paul, but to convince them that they are alone and that the rest of America isn't voting Ron Paul. Do that and even if Paul wins by a landslide, aslong as the vote counters are onside, they can announce whatever result they wish.

Therefore, Ron Paul supporters have to make this 100% obvious how much support he really does have. Come the election, sitting at home watching it on T.V. isn't an option. Every American must turn up to their local counts and make it clear how much support Paul really has in those areas. Then if we do see results that defy this, we will know the true state of democracy is worse than we ever thought!

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