Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Romania joins the revolution

Welcome aboard chaps!


Marcus said...

Well, thank you.
Glad to join. :D

Matt Davies said...

Good for you!

Oh and commiserations on your country getting sucked into the hell hole that is the EU.

One day our countries and people will be free from such corrupt/undemocratic and elitist organisations.

Marcus said...

Unfortunately, it seems like the entire country has got into an European Union frenzy. There were polls who placed Romania first among pro-EU countries.
The people has set high hopes for the results of the integration. But the situation doesn't match our politicians' promises: at least in my town, almost every owner of small business I know complains of imminent bankruptcy.

Matt Davies said...

Yes, they promise carrot, but all you get is stick.

Britain pays billions of pounds in every year, to be told what to do. It is crippling us too, because the EU REALLY likes to interfere with peoples lives.