Friday, 10 August 2007

Another great Youtube effort

Ask yourselves.

How is it that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate attracting all the talent out there? Sure some of the other candidates can PAY for professionals to do stuff. Mostly cold, emotionless rubbish though.

Ron Pauls stuff is coming from volunteers, for free and from the heart!

Why is that?

And why is the media trying so hard to dismiss it?

My only fear is they have been planing for this time. They must have known that people would wake up and smell the scam of the establisment sooner or later. So what have they put in place to keep a lid on it?


Fabio Bossi said...

Excellent questions...

Whatever they come up with:


Damn, I`m feeling like a football-player on the bench, forced to watch his team in the finals...I`d love to be on the field...

Best wishes and thanks again from Germany.

Jack Maturin said...

Hi Matt,

I think it's simply denial. A small boy is telling the Emperor that he's wearing no clothes. If you've been a believer in the Empire then you have two choices.

1. Wake up, acknowledge you've either been a liar or a fool, and agree that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, and then join the Ron Paul revolution.

2. Proudly proclaim that the Emperor is indeed wearing clothes, slap the boy for his rudeness, and then praise the Federal Reserve for printing all those extra dollars yesterday to cure the problem of too many extra dollars floating around the world.

Most people can't deal with solution 1, so they simply remove the cognitive dissonance of Ron Paul's message by denying he exists, or by labelling him as 'a cook' and then going for the easy way out, i.e. solution 2.

These looters have also been robbing the drinks too long to worry about planning for the day when the drinks finally run out.

Although some shadowy figures in Washington and New York may be desperate to shut Paul up, I think this anti-Pauline air-brushing is simply down to the psychological defence mechanism of denial, in order to preserve individual self-esteem.

Let's hope the Ames results today puncture that self-esteem even further and freeze those dismissive smiles even tighter onto the faces of the pampered imperial US elite! :-)


Matt Davies said...

I don't think it is just a US problem, but a global one. The establishment/elite don't like the fact nornmal people want a say. The more power they have and the longer they have it, the more corrupt and ruthless they become.

Stuff em, too many people are seeing through it all now. The numbers will only get bigger, even if they do pull some sort of stunt to crush the notion.