Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Establishment elite terrified of Ron Paul, official.


For Dr. Herndon, a candidate to watch is Ron Paul.

"Ron Paul is striking a phenomenal emotional chord with voters -- when they have access to his message. The mainstream political and media machines are terrified. And global financial controllers are in an outright panic. Every effort is being made -- and will be made -- to marginalize him.

"It will be fascinating to see how this plays out."

That's what we at Brits4RonPaul have been saying for a while. What can the pro one-world dictatorship, CFR supporting, anti-liberty candidates do, when they are up against a man who has a freedom message. Well there are only two things they and their media lackeys can do.

1) Ignore, supress and hope the people never get to hear the message. That's the strategy that works most of the time, but sadly for them, the internet has changed things a little. Now there is an ever growing, dedicated army of freedom fighters that will take the message to the streets. The mainstream media is no longer the only place the people get their information. What makes it worse, is the more people see, the more people realise what a controlled bunch of puppets the MSM are. This option is failing for them.

2) Attack, smear, malign, lie. This is the phase we are entering now. I have seen it before in the UK, when non establishment parties look like doing well. They are smeared with all kinds of dirt. Don't put it past the establishment to try and infiltrate the Ron Paul camapaign and CREATE some dirt if necessary. They will have to work fast, as the grassroots movement is growing all the time. Just remember if/when a Ron Paul supporter suddenly does something crazy, that it isn't Ron Paul himself. Don't let them play each of us off against each other. Stay focused on getting Ron Paul into power and don't worry about side issues created by the establishment.

Oh, but there is a 3rd.

3) The one I hope is not likely, but going on history I wouldn't bet on it. Ron Paul being taken out. I'm sure he won't bow to any threats, bribes or attempted character assasinations, but if someone in the establishment does choose to take the ultimate option, then we need to be ready. Time and time again througout history, threats have been neutralised via dubious methods. We have to be ready for if this happens. This is no longer just about Ron Paul, it is about freedom. Ron Paul provided the spark, by being the decent, principled man he is. I hope he will be able to complete the job. If not though, then us supporters can't just let it die there.

Batten down the hatches people, this could get ugly. Keep reporting the scandals on youtube, keep telling the truth and keep spreading the message of liberty. Sooner or later, the whole of the world will get it.


4Freedom said...

Thank you. Well said.

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Most excellent Post… Thank you!