Friday, 28 December 2007

Please watch this film. It shows you why we all need Ron Paul!


Resilient Hawk said...

I am concerned. If Ron Paul cannot make a new leap, the way Huckabee has, then what? Fred Thompson, John Edwards, John McCain, all candidates talked about early on, all have but fizzled.

I think of Howard Dean in 2004. Much noise, online support, and then nothing when it mattered.

A Trendl

Matt Davies said...

Dark times for the world.

Don't believe the MSM hype though. Ron Paul is still pulling in more and more money and more and more support.

Support that is dedicated to getting out there and doing it. None of the other candidates have that.

Ron Paul can win! Even a 3rd will be a huge jolt to the MSM and America.

Now isn't the time for doubts. Now is the time for action.

Maink said...

I have to say, as an American, in response to resilient hawk, that Ron Paul's campaign is NOTHING like Howard Dean's. HD really had nothing but internet support. Ron Paul, on the other hand, consistently pulls crowds in the hundreds to events (even when he's not going to be present). When Iowa was basically shut down due to an ice storm, hundreds of people in Des Moines still attended a Ron Paul rally. Matt is spot on: don't trust the polls for anything. Ron Paul's support is alive and well, growing by the hour, and so excited about the message that they regularly get out to spread the message and don't stay stuck behind their computers.

Resilient Hawk said...

The concern is not unfounded. RP is not leading the pack. The HD connection might be stretching it, I agree, but, in turn, not totally unfounded. What is needed to go from Third Place to Second? Excitement is great, but what is needed is support.

One good thing is Obama's supporters have a lot of young people, who are known to vote in polls but not the real election. That was part of HD's issue: his supporters were talkers, not voters.

Alex Walsh said...

Its all gone Pete Tong..

When the MSM dig some (fake) skeleton out of the cupboard on the day of the New Hampshire primary, its all over.

Too much ground to make up in the American publics perception now methinks.. and thats a REAL shame... :(

Goraksha said...

Thanks for putting this video here Matt. The UK is sleep walking into tyranny.
Everyone, in the UK, I have referred to this video is deeply affected by it.