Monday, 28 January 2008

Time for another big money bomb!

ABC have said they aren't going to allow Ron Paul on their debate on Super Tuesday. This despite Paul handing Giuuliani his arse to him on a plate in almost all the contests so far, with almost no MSM coverage compared to the favored establishment lackeys.

Are you going to take this America? Are you going to allow a small band of powermongers to tell you who to choose? Who you can choose? Is the American spirit of Liberty truly dead? The sense of fair play gone?

I don't think so.

Prove it, by giving Ron Paul the tools to fight this injustice. Let's see you shock the planet, with the most unbeleivable money bomb yet! The world is banking on the American people to rip the freedom back from their hands!


Anonymous said...

he's the worlds candidate. god bless you mate.

Tim said...

Thank you for being with us on this day. Please don't stop your support of our cause. We apprecaite your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Support from Britain is extra special to us. You are our brothers, sisters, and best friends. Thank you, spread the word on Paul's book The Revolution: A Manifesto, this is a money bomb, you, Europe, and the World can help us with.

Ric said...

<3 Britain