Monday, 12 January 2009

Alot has happened to me since Matt's last post.

I discovered Ron Paul, became a libertarian, joined the LPUK and heard the words "credit crunch" enter the language to such an extent that advertisers now use the phrase to suggest that a particular product is suitable for the thrifty or the cash strapped.

Now I'm guest blogging for Matt Davies. While Ron Paul did not secure the 2008 Republican nomination for President of the United States, there is more demand than ever for his message, both in the United States and the world at large. No country has escaped this crisis. It is often claimed that the sky is falling in because individuals and institutions can no longer borrow as much as they did previously.

Since when did borrowing become the source of prosperity? Government has grown to monstrous proportions and the British public were not aware of it. Now that the bills are coming due, our awareness is developing.


ZombieWoof said...

Glad to have you aboard Money man.
I believe that the citzens of the world will be hearing from Dr Paul and those of us who think like him for years to come.
If not we are REALLY in trouble!

sound money man said...

Thank you ZombieWoof. I'm very optimistic for the future. A 180 degree course correction is not only possible, it is very likely, given that big government and the banksters are painting themselves into a corner.