Saturday, 9 February 2008

Britain gets its own Libertarian party at last!

About time too!

Needless to say, I have joined and look forward to the new force for freedom breaking onto the scene.

It's time some of us started making some noise, in trying to recapture the freedoms that other generations died for.

There are forums too (well managed so that you can see who are real members etc).


Eric Dondero said...

Well, if Ron Paul is your idea of a libertarian, you UK Libertarians are not going to get very far. Paul is weak on Islamo-Fascism. And Fascism is the exact opposite of liberty. Fighting Islamo-Fascism should be the number one priority of British Libertarians. You all have serious problems on that front.

BTW, if you haven't heard the news yet, Ron Paul has suspended his Presidential campaign. He racked up a string of embarrassing losses. Americans just don't like someone who wants to lose the War Against Al Qaeda.

Eric Dondero, Publisher

Matt Davies said...

Poor comment. Paul would never accept Islamofascism in America.

He just doesn't believe it's Americas job to go and save the rest of the world, as per the constitution.

He believes on people showing responsibitly themselves and to not expect someone else to ride in and save the day.

It is a shame some people don't realise that the founders of the USA had it right and the Neo Con nut jobs who want to rampage around the world, spreading THEIR values are just as bad as the Islamofascists.

Indeed, they have been the best recruiment tool for the Islamofascists.

Dominik Hennig said...

Well done, Ron!

Dondero is a neocon-fascist!!!

Ant. said...

Hi guys,

Did you watch the latest Ron Paul video? He's asking for the supporters to march in Washington.

Anyone up to do the same in the UK?

Matt Davies said...

Yes the Ron Paul London group will be taking part.

We believe this is on the 15th of April, but will tie in with whatever date the main one in Washington happens on.

Just join the London Meetup group for updates.

Anonymous said...

For Liberty!