Friday, 22 February 2008

Good Luck America

Ron Paul has certainly sparked something across the world. I think what we all acheived in a short space of time, was sometimes amazing, but for me I am a little disapointed at the way the MSM and establishment, still have the power to lock out candidates that don't fit their agenda.

I have enjoyed supporting Ron Paul and have met and spoken with a number of great people. However, just as Ron Paul has scaled back his presidential camapaign, to focus on the areas he needs to, I am doing the same.

I am now an official member of the Libertarian Party in the UK. This will now be my primary politcal focus.

I will however still keep an eye on the Ron Paul movement that has been created. I will still keep the meetup group going and still attend the mass rally, when the definitive date is decided.

This blog will be a little quiter from now though, as I am getting back to fighting to make Britain free again.

Thanks to all the people who have given me hope that we can turn things around. We can all be free again, if we all really want it!



Join LPUK link

Join LPUK link


Celteh said...

Good Luck on your political career.

I've joined up for the Libertarian Party newsletter and I'm looking forward to seeing the manifesto.

Britain needs real government with real opposition. Not the 'Punch & Judy show' we're getting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting Ron Paul. I feel that Ron Paul has really done something here-- he has resurrected the Libertarian-like Taft/Goldwater wing of the Republican Party.

You have had a great blog, Please continue to support Liberty and Libertarianism!

right said...

Thanks for your Ron Paul video!
You truely know what he is all about. Americans appreciate your support. Please know that we are doing everything we can to get him elected.

bill said...

Hello from the U.S.
Keep up the good work!

Ross said...

Hey whats up with the libertarian party's website, its not working!

Good luck with the blog

Matt Davies said...

LPUK are having a few problems with their hosting company at the moment. The site has been going down quite a bit.

They are aware and trying to work with the hosts to resolve.

Anonymous said...

I'm across the pond, but I pray very hard for England. Bless you and God make you free again. We have a lot in common, you and I. May freedom win.