Monday, 8 October 2007

Brits4RonPaul now a sponsor for Ron Paul New Patriots

You might have noticed a chipin appear on the right of this blog. We here at Brits4RonPaul are now going to ally oursleves to this grassroots effort. I have just kicked off the donations with $100. Please, if you enjoy reading this blog and want to help a great bunch of guys help Ron Paul, please donate what you can, when you can.

The first project is to get Billboard space at a very busy junction at the heart of Bush country.

See for more.

To all other groups, I will still be open to really good ideas, but I have limited funds myself. Hopefuly other Brits will dig deep though, as we all try and get this world back on track to freedom!


Kewlronduderules said...

Hey thanks for your help but I thought I warn you of US law. Take a look at this site. This is unfortunate:

Matt Davies said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I hope all the other candiates accepting donations from multinational corporations are paying attention. Especially ones that accpet media coverage from foreign owned networks.

I sugest the meetup group I donated to spend my money on beers and food for themselves.

Jeffrey said...

I don't see the FEC rules as a problem.

The billboard does not seem to be funded by the Ron Paul campaign, but by a group of individual Americans.

Hence, the donations should be okay.

Anonymous said...

It says that it is "Brits for Ron Paul." Please stop interfering in our presidential election. Ron Paul is against foreign intervention and we don't like you foriegners trying to intervene in our politics either!-American Ron Paul supporter

Matt Davies said...

O.K. I'll stop.

I'll just help my friends in America instead.

If they choose to use my gifts to them for Ron Paul, then that's their call.

Anonymous said...

Thanking Brits4Paul for any and all assistance. It's great to see that there are still some sane folks across the pond.

Keep up the great job.

Michael M said...

Matt- your enthusiasm and support is welcome and appreciated. No matter how this turns out, it is encouraging to know that the world is watching and applauding Dr. Paul.

You make a great point about the foreign owned media and multi-nationals and I hope to see your billboard when we pass through Texas.

...and I doubt the rude anon is a true supporter

Anonymous said...

I can do some "web development" for you for the money, then rent the billboard for the money that I rightfully earned. =)

Sounds like a loophole to me!

If you're up for it, I can send my email address and phone number and we can talk.

Anonymous said...

I am the anon you are making snide remarks about not being a true supporter. Do you believe that Ahmedinjad is a dictator or an elected president? Do you believe Hamas is a terrorist organization or an elected political party? Isn't Ron Paul's campaign all about not interfering in elections and judging who people in other countries select as their president? Having another president in those countries might be more beneficial to American interests but is it right for us to meddle in their affairs and try and influence who they elect?

If we really practice what we preach as Ron Paul supporters we won't be inviting foreigners to come in and sway our elections. Might they be able to help us? Yes. But what if we win an election based on foreign support? Will we have a president who represents the will of the American people or a president who represents the will of the British?

I support Ron Paul and his principles completely. I agree with him not interfering in other countries' elections but those who think that it would be ok for citizens of other countries to be interfering in US elections are hypocrites. Oh sure, they want Ron Paul to win, maybe because they have their own foreign agenda, but they are not supporting him on his principles.

Long live the Ron Paul Revolution and send that tea back where it came from!

James said...

Anon, there is a big difference between open support (this blog) and covert subversion (CIA). While you have the right to express your opinion, I and others, have the right to disagree with your opinion and insist that Brits4RonPaul ignore it.

Thanks Brits4RonPaul! It is our hope that we can in some way redeem ourselves and the crimes committed in the name our nation. With hard work I feel confident that we can elect Dr. Paul and bring about a country beholden to Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity. I also feel that when we succeed the rEVOLution will spread across the world and empower others to seek change in their own country.

ballo said...

Eh, they can always fund an issue-based billboard without mentioning Ron.

Or buy the RP grannies petrol.

Anonymous said...

wow! you guys are awesome, thanks soooooo much for helping out. ignore the stupid comments from people saying we don't need help, we need all the help we can get. we need to get Ron Paul into the whitehouse, all of us do!

Thanks again!

lasenorita said...

Anon, I think you're misinterpreting Dr. Paul's position of non-intervention a bit. Our goal is not to isolate ourselves and send the British back their tea. Rather, it is to open dialogue and freely trade with the citizens of foreign countries.

I agree, however, that we should follow FEC rules. As much as we appreciate your financial contribution, Brits4RonPaul, it would unwise for us to accept foreign intervention in our elections simply because it benefits our campaign.

That doesn't mean you can't help spread Ron Paul's name and message far and wide! There's tons of expatriates living in the UK, and it would benefit us greatly if they're made aware of Dr. Paul's candidacy and his positions on important issues such as the Iraq war and taxes.

Anyways, thanks a bunch for your support. We'll do our very best to get Ron Paul elected as President of the United States!

BostonTeaParty said...

Expats without an American address can now donate directly to the campaign website at

See this:

If you are eligible, please donate for the Boston Tea Party donation bomb day, Sunday Dec. 16th starting at midnight EST (NY time.) Sorry, don't know the time translation. Can someone after me put it up?

Thanks all. Imagine, a whole world of people creating a Boston Tea Party! This is it. Do or die. Either he gets 20 million and becomes world renowned with a huge chance or we blow it! Give everything you can (without getting yourself into trouble of course).

This is the last and only time to donate. If he loses the primaries coming up starting in 30 days, then it is all over. He won't run on any other ticket. So empty out the piggy bank. This is the last donation to be made. If he wins, he will have millions of others who can carry him the rest of the way. We have to make that day a blowout like no one has ever heard of!

We have to show them all that he is a real candidate, not an also-ran. We have to blow their socks off!

You can go here to pledge, but only ever give a donation to the official website at

Please tell everyone you know! Every American can donate up to 2300 on their credit card. This is also Christmastime.