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Ron Paul Coverage Picking Up In Britain


Ron Paul's appeal grows
Posted by Daniel Hannan on 18 Oct 2007 at 10:37
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Perhaps he’s not such a joke candidate after all. I blogged a while ago about my growing fondness for Ron Paul, the ultra-libertarian anti-war Republican presidential candidate. Yes, he’s still down on around 2 per cent in the polls. And, yes, he says some colourful things. But, according to the Washington Post, he’s starting to attract supporters, some of them almost fanatical in their loyalty, in New Hampshire in advance of that state’s critical primary.

Ron Paul is a man who always speaks his mind

And here’s the thing: of the $5 million so far raised by the Texas congressman, 70 per cent has come from small online donations. Ron Paul is, if you like, the Republicans’ Howard Dean: an unknown, a maverick, a man written off by the bigwigs, who somehow manages to appeal over their heads to the rest of the party. The internet truly is a wonderful device: it breaks the party monopolies and empowers the citizen as never before.

What’s the basis of the Paul’s appeal? Simply that he seems always to speak his mind. He’s like a West Wing character brought to life: Arnie Vinick, only more so. And, in an age when voters in every country are sick of mainstream politicians, his tactlessness wins him admirers. The national polls may barely register his existence, but he often emerges at or near the top among those who have watched him in the televised debates.

Alright, it’s a fantasy. Ron Paul won’t win the GOP nomination. But it’s a rather delicious fantasy, isn’t it, worth indulging in for a few moments. Just think: a 2008 election contested by a pro-war Democrat and an anti-war Republican. Whom would the poor BBC back?

This guy is a British MEP, but a good one! He wants Britain out of the corrupt EU, thus Paul's message of freedom was bound to appeal!

If all Tories were like him, they would be in power now and Britain would be free once again! Sadly they are more like Dave Cameron. Career merchants that leave a trail of slime behind them.


Anonymous said...

Please encourage your viewers to write an email to Suzanne Goldenberg

regarding this article:,00.html

where she talks about the Republican Candidacy race but doesn't give a single mention to Ron Paul, if you do I recommend not sounding like a supporter but rather someone who agrees that he has enough support to deserve a mention and is a remarkable candidate because he's the only anti-war republican candidate and has support from across the political spectrum.

"During his 2008 presidential campaign, Paul received the most votes in 17 of the first 36 Republican straw polls, and raised more money than any other Republican candidate during Summer 2007"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

heres a working html:,,2194656,00.html

Anonymous said...

Matt Davies said...

Thanks for the heads up, but sadly I don't think writing to her will make much difference. The Observer and Guardian are both massive supporters of big government, Socialist/Communist principles. They don't think the plebes having freedom is a risk worth taking. They believe in massive control, mega taxes and the people being herded like sheep.

Thus I think the likelyhood of them giving Paul the time of day is nil. They may well sound anti-war, but this is also soley to appeal to their base. Really they back the wars in full, as they support the current regime with a passion.