Thursday, 18 October 2007

Want to donate to Ron Paul Meetups?

I have added a couple to the bar to the right, but here are some more that might take your fancy!

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phoobaar said...

I find it incredibly admirable that you, as foreign onlookers, would take such interest in an American presidential candidate who is so clearly the best choice *for America*. So often we see outside support for "big-shot" candidates, which reeks of ulterior motives and manipulation. Of course, Ron Paul would be the most attractive prospective American president in the view of foreigners who are concerned by our current foreign policy, but something tells me that the worldwide support for this man is based on much more than self-interest. I think the world recognizes how truly unique Ron Paul is among politicians everywhere. Thank you so much for your support; not just for Ron Paul, but for America -- we sure need it right now! Your initiative to raise funds to support meetups is a brilliant way for you to help when you can't directly donate to the campaign. Thank you!