Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Establishment now opening up the big guns on Ron Paul

Well, it would seem we are really leaving the ignore phase and heading deep into ridicule and attack phases now. The mainstream are now busy trying to paint Ron Paul as a "can't win" candidate, while they have now also caught up on the Internet front and are running a "Paul is nuts" campaign. Of course there are probably a number of people who really do hate Ron Paul too, such as Communists, Warmongers and the odd useful idiot who worships Fox news.

I am heartened to see that none of this is stopping the revolution though. Indeed, just as has happened in the past, these attacks are just helping fuel the fire. More and more people are asking "Who is Ron Paul?". Then, when they look him up on the Internet, or ask one of the thousands of Ron Paul activists out in the streets, they come to the same realisation as us that have already woken up and taken in a deep whiff of coffee.

The donations are increasing by the day. Meetup groups continue to form and grow and Paul supporters are now toughening up and getting that thick skin required for the battle ahead.

Make no mistake though, this is going to get much worse. Colour me unsurprised that candidates are now suddenly appearing, that attack Ron Paul's key demographics. People like Colbert suddenly decide to run, to show contempt for the whole system. Yep that would have been fine if there was no Ron Paul, but then he will have known this. Does anyone think he would have had his own show, without kissing the right arse?

It makes no odds though. While Colbert may well initially take the disenfranchised who haven't found Ron Paul yet, he won't convert anyone who already has. When the people who do back his contempt campaign, find out he is lying and that there is a choice, then they will make the right choice in the end. recognise this spoiler tactic for what it is and just focus on getting the Ron Paul message out. I have seen it happen in the U.K. too many times. Threats are attacked with numerous methods and I am certain a lot of them are not just misguided useful idiots for the establishment.

The hysterical efforts by the MSM to switch the people off Paul are almost funny at the moment. Some well placed boo boys in the crowed, or a carefully selected panel member who makes almost evil attacks on a good man. This is how desperate this scumbags are to prevent the people from daring to have freedom.

It's time to stand up and be counted people.


Michel Malkin said...

Giuliani cued his hacks to boo Ron Paul. It was a set up. I uploaded the video exposing him during the debates at www.youtube.com/michelmalkin

Anonymous said...

While I think that you're right about the increased attacks on Ron Paul, I think that you've missed the point on Colbert. Colbert's campaign is a joke and nothing more. He's a comedian after all. Don't take it seriously.

Matt Davies said...

You may be correct, but from bitter experience, I wouldn't bet on it.

In the UK it is amazing how "joke" parties crop up in areas where there is a potentially large protest vote. I have seen independents and smaller parties beaten, because people chose to vote for a monkey for example.

While it may be just Colbert having a laugh on this occasion, I lean on the suspicous side, as he has climbed to high in the media. Think about it. It is a good way to hit ANY anti establishment vote.

Matt Davies said...

I forgot to say. If he doesn;t actually bother to run anywhere in the end, then of course it is less damaging.

However, it still does hammer into his fans minds that there is no one worth voting for. That again eats into RP's potential voter base.

FreedomIsYellow said...

It's so great to see there are other Britains out there who support Ron Paul. I just wish we had a candidate like him here...

Hopefully when Ron becomes prez in 2008, it will spark revolution elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

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