Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mass letter writing campaign!

Here's something all Brits can do.

Lew Rockwell

Make sure you explain why you as foreigner feel the way you do. We all want what is best of everyone at the end of the day.


Houseman said...

Count me in... this is a great chance to explain to ordinary Americans how much a vote for Ron Paul is truly worth.

Many such folks have rarely - if ever - travelled outside the US, and are shocked to discover what their taxes are being spent on.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for peace, freedom and prosperity - that's an offer most ordinary Americans will be happy to accept.

- Houseman

Tracey said...


Yes, please do help us write to the residents who live in Iowa. We really can use your help.

I can provide to you names & addresses of these people to you. I can get them from our meetup group.

I'm waiting for HQ & our organizer to provide them. I will send a group of info to you when I get it. I have your email Matt. If you are already working on this and have the info let me know.

Calif USA

Casino? Games said...

Till what time?