Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Times reports on Ron Paul cash haul

Unlike Mr Dean, who came close to winning the 2004 Democratic nomination, Mr Paul stands no chance of becoming the Republicans’ 2008 nominee. In national opinion polls he barely registers, and even in New Hamp-shire – the “live free or die” state – he gets an average of only 3.6 per cent support, according to, which tracks such surveys.

Amazing how the media still thinks it can tell the people who can and can't win.

ANYONE can win, if that's what the people want.

Even if they do stack the decks. People aren't going to stand for this manipulation anymore! The MSM is becoming obsolete by the day, as more and more people wake up to how controlled and agenda driven it is.


Mark said...

We cherish British support now and will for the next nine years! The Ron Paul Revolution is real!

Minneapolis, MN

Tracey said...

We are working hard to get paul in. We will be walking the neighborhoods to tell people about Paul.

We just had a group phone conference call with him a half hour ago. He is very happy with the growth of the campaign. There were 21,000. new supporters that gave in the money bomb. That was great!!

I don't know why most of the people that are in the groups didn't give. But what came in was very good. We will have another money bomb December 15 & 16th. Our New Boston Tea Party!!

We are ready to push paul to the front lines. MEDIA LIKE IT OR NOT WE WILL PUSH PAUL IN FRONT.

Ok talk to you soon!!

Pasadena Calif.

Tracey said...

He really has had positive media coverage from it. There were a few not so nice articles but who cares. He is a wonderful man,I hope people are smart enough to see that.

Bye for now,

Pasadena CA