Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Official unofficial Tea Party Chipin

Well, it looks like there is a trust worthy chipin all us worldwide freedom fighters can use on the day of the Tea Party, Dec 16th. Even better, it's on the Tea Party offical site, so you know it is trustworthy.

Come on world, show the American people we are right behind them!


I am a British supporter of Ron Paul. I was very keen to donate to the campaign but US election rules meant that only US citizens can donate to the official Ron Paul campaign at However, there are no restrictions to donate to unofficial Ron Paul campaigns. I spoke to Trevor Lyman ( who organized the Ron Paul money bomb on the 5th November ( and he has set up a page where foreigners or US citizens who have already donated the maximum $2300 can donate. The link can be found here ( This is also the same official site for the Tea Party event on 16th December 2007. Please pass this information on to all your group members and any other Ron Paul groups, particularly from outside of the US.

Kind regards,
Avtar Taggar.

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